How to Track Down and Help a Loved One With Addiction

How to Track Down and Help a Loved One With Addiction Simple Possession
Source: | How to Track Down and Help a Loved One With Addiction | When you have a loved one suffering from an addiction, you may feel desperate to help them because seeing them suffer is heartbreaking. You live in fear of losing them completely to their addiction or not knowing if they are okay. When an individual is in the throes of addiction, their self-esteem is nonexistent. They likely feel that they do not deserve help, and they think that by disappearing, they are saving their loved ones from suffering. They do not realize that disappearing creates unique suffering because their loved ones don’t know if they are okay or alive.

Here are steps you can take to find and help a loved one struggling with an addiction to drugs or alcohol.

Find them.

The first thing you need to do if your loved one has disappeared is to find them. You can use a service like people lookup to get started. Pro People Search is an online service that tracks down known addresses, contact information, and people associated with the name. For example, if your loved one applied for anything or sought help of any kind, the address they used will be logged into some system somewhere. An online search agency can find those addresses or telephone numbers. Even if the information isn’t current, it may help you narrow down where to find them.

Get them.

Individuals struggling with an opioid addiction, alcohol addiction, or other substance use disorder may not respond to your reaching out by telephone or social media. However, if you show up in person to tell them how much you care and want to help, you may spark the desire to get help. Many of those with substance abuse issues want help, but they don’t think they can do it or know how to ask. Going to them and offering to help them get placed in substance abuse treatment may be what they need.

Find them a treatment center.

There are many great treatment centers throughout the country, but there are also some not-so-great ones. The key is to find a place like The Hope House, run by masters-level clinicians who treat the mind and body. Substance abuse is often co-occurring with mental health issues, and they both need to be addressed if the individual is going to have a shot at long-term sobriety. is the website for The Hope House and will provide more information about their specific programs. They are considered a luxury rehab program within the United States, so it will be ideal if your loved one is scared or worried about the type of facility they need to go to.

Stay active with them.

You can’t make someone get clean; they have to make that decision. You can, however, be there to show them love and support along the way. Entering a substance abuse treatment program is only the first step towards long-term success. The addiction specialist will work with your loved one to create a treatment plan that they have to follow. They also need to participate in the facility’s robust mental health program to address the underlying issues that likely led to the addiction. Inpatient rehab and outpatient rehab will have a family component that will allow you to stay active with your loved one throughout the addiction treatment process.

Loving someone with a drug or alcohol addiction is mentally and emotionally exhausting. In addition to finding and helping your loved one, it is critical to get help for yourself. There are family support programs that you can join to meet with other people in similar circumstances, learn more about addiction, and make sure the actions you are taking are helping, as opposed to enabling. | How to Track Down and Help a Loved One With Addiction