How to Wear a Lapel Pin, And 8 Trendy Pins You’ll Want to Wear In 2020

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Image Credit : | How to Wear a Lapel Pin, And 8 Trendy Pins You’ll Want to Wear In 2020 | Do you know how to wear a lapel pin? These pins aren’t a statement of obsolete fashion; in fact, they’re trending today. Check out this guide.

Lapel pins are a men’s fashion accessory that went away for a little while but now they’re back with brand new styles and colors. They’re the perfect way to show off your personality in a business meeting without wearing a tacky tie.

There’s a certain way to wear and style them, however. If you miss the mark you may end up making the wrong kind of statement. That’s why we’re here to tell you how to wear a lapel pin.

Keep reading to find out more about styling your pins and learn the different types that you can wear with your favorite suit.

When to Wear a Lapel Pin

There is no right or wrong answer here. Lapel pins are a great accessory that can show off your personality no matter if you’re going to work or heading to a wedding. There’s a time and place for your bolder pins. 

For example, a large flower pin is probably better for your everyday suits than your work ones. 

How to Wear Lapel Pins? 

While there isn’t a right or wrong occasion for lapel pins, there is a wrong way to wear one. Tradition dictates that the pin goes on your left lapel. It will rest just north of your pocket square. 

You’ll attach your pin by placing it through the buttonhole on your lapel. If your lapel doesn’t have a buttonhole you can make one yourself by piercing the fabric with the pin. As long as you don’t manhandle the pin when you’re taking it back out, you won’t even be able to tell you made a hole. 

If you don’t want to poke a hole in your suit, you can also go to a tailor and have them sew a thread on the back of it that will hold your pins in place. Lastly, you want your pin to be at the same angle as your lapel. 

  1. Stick Pin

If you read about lapel pins you’ll find that stick pins are the oldest type. They’re easy to attach to about any suit and will stay nice and secure throughout the day. This lapel pin style uses a thin needle that slides up and down. 

All you’ve got to do to secure it is to pull it down enough for you to stick the needle into the lapel and then release it.

  1. Butterfly Clutch 

The butterfly clutch was used in the military to show the difference between the units. They’re a small pin that will add flair to your look without being overly large and flashy. Since butterfly pins are so tiny, you’ll be able to fit more than one pin on your lapel if you wish to do so.  

To attach it, give the sharp point a squeeze. The clutch will open enough for you to place it on your lapel. 

  1. Magnetic Clasp 

If you don’t like the idea of poking a hole in your suit then you can use a magnetic clasp instead of one of the more traditional pins. It’s comprised of two magnetic disks that will stick to each other and hold the pin in place. 

There are a few drawbacks to this choice. It’s not as secure as the others on this list. Not only that but the magnets have the tendency to wear out after a while. 

  1. Floral and Boutonnieres 

If you went to your high school prom then you know what a boutonniere is. It’s a pin that’s made out flowers. The right way to wear this pin is on your left side, right over your heart. 

These are good for formal occasions and shouldn’t be too large. You want it to draw the eye without being too overwhelming. 

Floral pins are sort of like boutonnieres except they aren’t made with actual flowers. They’re created with silk or cotton. The best part of using floral pins over boutonnieres is there’s no expiration date. 

  1. Badges

If you’re part of some sort of exclusive club, you can show that off with a badge. The military also used to use them. They sort of give off a vintage look and they’re small like a butterfly pin. 

You can wear more than one pin without looking like a walking advertisement for them.  

  1. Collar Pin

Collar pins are a little different than lapel pins but they still fall into the same kind of accessory category. Instead of attaching to your lapel the go on your collar. 

They’re not as traditional as your basic lapel pin but that doesn’t mean they’re any less formal. In fact, they look more formal than your basic pins. 

  1. Long Stem Pin

The long stem pins are a more modern look than the others on this list. They come in solid metals and they’re just asking to be noticed by everyone who comes into contact with you. 

They can vary in look from geometric shapes to anchors and hooks. The only limit is your own personal tastes. 

  1. Tonal Lapel Pins 

If you want to add personality to your suit without bringing a lot of attention to yourself then you’ll want to go with a tonal pin. They come in colors that will match your suits such as blues and greens. 

If you’re going to go with this look, make sure there’s a little pop of color on the pin somewhere. If you don’t then your pin will blend into your suit too much. 

How to Wear a Lapel Pin With All Your Suits

Do you want to add a little personality to your formal wear without wearing a tacky tie? Add a lapel pin into the mix. There are a lot of different options out there that can make for a unique look. Use these tips on how to wear a lapel pin to get started. 

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