How you can start to move on after the death of a partner

death of a partner
Photo by Elia Pellegrini on Unsplash

WorldExecutivesDigest | How you can start to move on after the death of a partner | The death of your partner is likely to be the most awful thing that has ever happened to you. Devastating and indescribable. The first thing to remember is that you need to grieve fully and move on at your own pace, and not when other people think you should. They have not gone through what you have, and will experience emotions differently. Do not let anyone tell you how or for how long you should be grieving. 

When the time comes that you want to start moving on, either to avoid unhappy places or you feel ready to start your own life again, you might have the urge to do everything at once – and of course, you can – but if you want to take a more measured approach, there are some things you need to consider.

Selling your home and moving somewhere new

After some thought, you may want to move out of the home you shared together, and start fresh somewhere new. The problem here is that you are in limbo until your home sells, and you might have already seen something tailor-made for your new life. This is less than ideal, as you will no doubt have mixed feelings about your old home, something that won’t improve if you begin to feel like it is a millstone around your neck.

You can still grab hold of your dream property before your old home sells by contacting Sachem Lending to get a bridging loan from private money lenders. You can then be putting your own stamp on your new home while your old home is on the market. This might be the perfect solution if you are downsizing or moving to an area where property prices are generally cheaper.

Meeting new people

While you don’t want to lose contact with your old friends, if you were with your partner for any length of time, they were friends to you both. Nobody could blame you for having both good and bad feelings about this – and there are also bound to be occasions when you feel like the odd one out, especially if everyone else is still part of a couple.

You could find new friends by joining clubs for your interests, perhaps some you could not pursue while with your partner. For instance, if recent events have rekindled your passion for painting, then you might find like minds at the local groups, and get started on a new path.

Take a trip to discover something new

Of course, you will have mostly fond memories of vacations with your spouse, but that doesn’t necessarily mean you want to go back to any of those places again. Now your life is more of an open book, you can explore places you might have been reluctant to visit before, especially if your partner was ill for a while and had restricted mobility.

You can start to make your memories there, especially if you are going with like-minded people who also have the urge to explore somewhere new – or even meet new people there. This is an important step to re-inventing yourself, while still keeping the memories of your old vacations with your partner as the special experiences they were.