Top 3 Ideas for Event Managers

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WorldExecutivesDigest|We all know how important it is for an event to be successful, especially if we’re talking about a business one. You want to leave the best possible impression on all those who attend it, so that your brand recognition and awareness can be raised. However, it’s easier said than done. The expectations are now much higher, which means those in charge of organising such events have to come up with new event ideas. You can’t expect people to be entertained in the same way over and over again, which means you always have to be on top of your game. And that’s where event managers need to shine. Their job is to help the company make the most of its conference, product launch or any other event where you want people to have a great time and associate it with a particular brand. With so many ideas already exploited, it’s a real challenge to find something that would be both entertaining and productive. That’s why we’ve selected the following three ideas that should help event managers do their job.

Employee appreciation events

If the aim of an event is to boost the morale of the employees, you should turn it into an employee appreciation event. Such an event can be organised in different ways. One of them is to make pairs within teams, where one employee makes a speech about their colleague and vice versa. The speeches could be totally serious or funny, depending on the company culture. Alternatively, you could designate one member of each team, who will give speeches about every colleague in the team. The idea is to allow colleagues to show appreciation and gratitude. Such an even will definitely bring everyone together and employees would leave knowing they are appreciated, while any guests you invite could see how strong your team is.

Eco-friendly campaign

You want your company to be recognised as green for many reasons. One of them is to be responsible to the planet and make your products as eco-friendly as possible. The other is that such an image can help a company gain competitive advantage. Whatever the reason, organising an eco-friendly event or campaign is one of the most challenging tasks for each event manager. Some of the ideas that have proven to be a success are planting trees, encouraging recycling or events celebrating those who have already done a lot in the field of ecology. Whatever type of the even you have to organise, make sure it takes place outdoors and that there are creative display stands that attract people. Such stands are an excellent way to present a company in the best possible way and people can get a lot of information about not only the event, but the company organising it as well.

Gaming events

More and more people are playing video games, which is a great opportunity for an event manager. Namely, if you are in charge or organising an event with a twist, you might opt for a competition in playing video games. Many companies actually have game consoles, so that their employees can take a break and relax during working hours. So, find out what games are the most popular among the employees of the company organising the event and give them a chance to compete at your event. Even better, if you’re organising an event for a gaming company, that is by far the best way to launch a new game and attract many people, i.e. potential buyers. Inviting a renowned gamer to test it is another very useful tip for throwing a memorable event. Being in charge of organising an event is very difficult, since there are so many things that require your attention and you have to get everything right for the event to be successful. However, the benefits of a well-prepared event by far outweigh all the effort and resources invested, which is why it is now one of the most desirable ways of promoting a company and its offer.