Invest in yourself – Carraway

“Invest in yourself. You can afford it. Trust me”
– Rashon Carraway

Your main asset is yourself. Anything you do in your work or business involves your personal talent, skill, knowledge and network. These things are not infinite. It’s “offer is good while supply lasts.” Think of a consulting practice wherein you need to devour tons of knowledge to be able to impart learnings for your clients. Once you stop enhancing your knowledge, you’re done.

Make sure you spend at least an hour a day in learning new things. The Internet has lots of free resources. Should you see the need to get some kind of certification, get it. If you need a degree, go for it. Just don’t stop learning new things. Remember, garbage in – garbage out.

About Mr. Rashon Carraway

Rashon is America’s Thrift King because of his great furniture design and interior transformations using only a few dollars to spend. Also known as Mr. Goodwill Hunting, Rashon started in interior design after appearing on the Nate Berkus show as a design expert.

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