Is it Time for a Commercial Energy Audit?

Commercial Energy Audit
Image: Pixabay | Is it Time for a Commercial Energy Audit? | If you own a business or manage a commercial property, you likely already know the importance of cutting costs and saving money wherever possible. One of the first areas many business and commercial property owners look at when they need to save money is their energy costs. If you want to reduce these costs, the first thing to do is to carry out an energy audit. An energy audit helps you understand what is consuming the electricity in your business and property and find ways to reduce this consumption. But how do you know when it is time to do an energy audit?

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Doing an Energy Audit

Because an energy audit will reveal areas where you can save money, a good time to have one done is where you need to save money. Maybe you have appliances and lights that consume too much energy or that you do not use that often. Either those have to go or be replaced by energy-efficient ones. 

Second, you can do an energy audit to better understand how energy is consumed at different times of the year such as during the summer and winter. This way, you can put measures in place to make your property more energy-efficient for different months.

Benefits of Doing an Energy Audit

As mentioned, the main benefit of doing an energy audit is to lower your energy bills. A common area of focus and an area where you can save a lot of money is in your lighting, where switching from older, less energy-efficient bulbs to LEDs can cut your energy costs by a lot.

Once the audit is done and its recommendations implemented, you can be assured that your building is safe, comfortable, healthy, eco-friendly, and cost-efficient. 

Another benefit is building longevity. When the temperature inside a property is not well regulated, that could lead to mold and mildew that cause premature deterioration. An energy audit can reveal areas where you need better temperature regulation, thereby helping eliminate these issues.

Because a commercial audit benefits you, your property, and all those who use the property, you should schedule an energy audit as soon as you can. Once you are ready, you can get in touch with contractors such as, to do a proper energy audit that is guaranteed to help you lower your energy bills, save you money, and make your property more desirable.

The More Information You Have, the Better

The auditor will rely on some of the information you have. This can include past energy bills so they can check the amount of energy consumed. They can then compare this to data from similar properties to see if it is too high. 

They will also need you to answer a few questions about the property. These can include the number of occupants, your heating source, and the type of fuel you use as well as the types of heating equipment you have and where they are located.

A commercial energy audit is important for any business or property owner who would like to save costs, make their building more eco-friendly, and improve the quality of their property.