Is Night Mode Better for Your Eyes and Laptop Battery?


WORLDEXECUTIVESDIGESTIs Night Mode Better for Your Eyes and Laptop Battery? | Dark mode is a popular internet theme with many supposed advantages, but is night mode better for your eyes? Find out the truth about dark mode here.

Did you know that we spend as much as 12 hours a day in front of TV and computer screens?

Spending so much time in front of screens can be damaging to your mental and physical health. Sometimes being in front of a screen can’t be helped, for example, if you work in an office. However, there are some ways you can minimize the damage.

Keep reading to find out about night mode and get the answer to the all-important question ‘is night mode better for your eyes’ and your laptop battery?

What Is Night Mode?

Night mode, or dark mode, can be applied or turned on across your devices. This means that the screen color is adjusted.

Night mode is used to help preserve battery life on devices such as smartphones and laptops. Some people also believe that night mode can help give their eyes a break from the brightness and reduce the damage. 

Different devices offer night modes and you can also find night modes on certain applications. For example, although there’s no real Chrome dark mode, Mac users can use this guide: Google Chrome dark mode, to make use of night mode in Chrome.

Does Dark Mode Save Battery? 

Dark phone backgrounds and dark computer backgrounds can help to save the battery life of your device. But only if the device uses an OLED or an AMOLED screen.

AMOLED screens pass electric currents through compounds to light up individual pixels. Pixels that are black remain off and don’t draw power to illuminate. True black is the only color that turns off the pixels, the other colors all use power.

When it comes to the color that uses the most energy, it’s white. OLED screens also work in a similar way and so white backgrounds use the most power. But simply adjusting the screen background to a darker color such as grey (the one used on dark mode) can help save battery power. 

Unfortunately, LCD screens (and other types of screens) won’t save battery, even if you change the color of the background. That’s because LCD screens use a back panel that always illuminates completely. When the screen is on, all the LEDs are on and consuming power, no matter what color the pixels are.

However, if you want to save battery on your LCD screen, you can try dimming the brightness of your screen as this can help to save some battery power. 

Is Night Mode Better for Your Eyes?

When it comes to whether night mode is better for your eyes, the answer is yes and no. Dark themes can be better for your eyes, however, not all the time.

Reading Text

When it comes to readability, our eyes prefer to read black text on white backgrounds. This is because it’s easier for us to read the text like this.

Text readability is thought to be significantly improved by dark-on-light, as opposed to light-on-dark, which means dark mode might make it easier for reading long texts. So if you spend a lot of time reading on your screen, be sure to switch on dark mode.

Reducing Eye Strain

The best background color to reduce eye strain solely depends on the time of day.

Dark mode may help to reduce eye strain in low-light conditions, so if you’re often working into the night or in dimmer workspaces then you might want to switch night mode on.

However, dark themes can strain your eyes more if you work in high-light conditions, so if you’re working in a well-lit area then you might want to turn it off.

Getting a Better Night’s Sleep

Some people believe that night mode can help you get a better night’s sleep. This is because dark mode can minimize blue light, which is high-energy visible light, that can be harmful to your eyes. Blue light can also be found in the sun.

Excessive exposure of blue light can reduce the amount of melatonin you produce, which is the hormone that helps you get a good night’s sleep. 

Studies aren’t conclusive as to whether the blue light can negatively impact your sleep. However, if you are struggling with sleeping at night, you can always test this theory out and see if you sleep better by turning on dark mode. Alternatively, try to put your devices away at least an hour before bed, so your body knows that it is time to rest.

Dark Mode Won’t Help Those With Astigmatism

Astigmatism is a condition where one or both of your eyes can become blurry. This happens because of the curvature of your eye and is quite a common condition.

However, if you have Astigmatism, then using dark mode isn’t a good idea for you. That’s because people with the condition may find that the white letters start to bleed into the black background, which will make it harder to read.

If you experience this while using dark mode, be sure to switch back and get an eye appointment, to check your vision. 

Save Your Battery and Your Eyes With Night Mode

Are you always asking yourself the question ‘is night mode better for your eyes?’ Then follow our guide and see whether it can help save your eyes and your battery. Remember night mode might not always be the best option, but it can be useful sometimes.

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