Keep Calm and Stay High Vibe: The Best Crystals for Protection

The Best Crystals for Protection | Keep Calm and Stay High Vibe: The Best Crystals for Protection | Do you believe in the power of crystals for protection?

Well, if you do, you might be wondering which ones can protect you best during these uncertain times. This can mean anything from protection against negative auras to protection against illness or attacks.

The physical and emotional benefits of crystals lack scientific backing, but this is usually not the point for people who like crystals. There are so many complicated dynamics moving through the world, and crystals can be an important physical way to understand and process what’s going on. By looking into protection crystals, you might find yourself more aware of how you can protect yourself.

So let us take you on a journey through the crystals that are best known for spiritual protection and guidance.

Amethyst Crystals for Protection

Ever wanted a crystal that can help you help yourself? They say amethyst can help you open your third eye, which can aid in self-awareness and natural defenses. An enlightened self is a better-protected self.

Healing stones are great because their variety of sizes can make them portable if you need them to be. You can carry an amethyst crystal around with you on a necklace to keep that third eye open.

You might want to put amethyst near your entryways as well. Some people use this crystal to absorb negative energy and keep it from passing through.

Lapis Lazuli

Crystal lovers often carry lapis lazuli around with them to cleanse their aura and ward off harmful spirits.

If you keep this crystal in a particular room of your home, people say it can create a protection grid by sending negative energy to the corners of the space. So if you’ve been feeling plagued by suspicious spirits, you might be interested in the protective properties of lapis lazuli.

Smoky Quartz

If you’re looking for something to hand over your own negative energy to, smoky quartz might be the crystal for you. People have been known to keep a piece of smoky quartz handy to help ground them and take care of self-generated feelings of doubt, stress, and fear.

Smoky quartz is known for its stability, and it only takes a look at the crystal to see why. Its dark gray color is something usually seen only in ephemeral things like dark clouds and, well, smoke. When you see this color in something as stable as a stone, it can be a powerful symbol of the ability to slow down swirling thoughts and emotions.

Black Tourmaline

Another stone with a beautiful, symbolic color is black tourmaline.

People connect this crystal to base chakras, meaning it can help you feel connected to the root systems of the earth. And the stone itself has a unique look. The way it naturally breaks off into pieces often results in a series of straight ridges.

Take a look for yourself and see what kind of feeling the crystal evokes in you. This just might be the perfect grounding object for your life.

Stay Protected!

Crystals for protection are an excellent symbol of stability in the face of uncertainty. You can carry small pieces around with you or set a larger crystal down in a strategic area of your home. So look up images of the crystal that seems to speak to what you need most, and consider keeping a piece of this beauty for yourself.

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