Kent Grand Plus 8-Litre Mineral RO + UV & UF Water Purifier with TDS Controller

Kent Grand | The water purifier is an important entity to be present in every kitchen today. With all the increase in contaminants in the water, Kent has come up with their star product Kent grand plus. This article provides with the complete details about the Kent grand plus water purifier.

Kent plus is a full automatic providing with multiple features. With Kent grand plus 8-liter mineral water purifier, you can always assure that your family is getting the safest water for consumption all the time. The Kent grand plus comes with the latest technology of RO+UV+UF purifying methods incorporated with TDS control. Efficient features and performance with 4 years of free service adds great value and completely worth every penny spent.

Kent Grand Plus employs the double treatment of RO and UV purification, which naturally makes it one of the most sought-after purifiers in India. You can dial the kent water purifier customer care for any help.

Kent grand plus RO water purifier comes with fully packed features. The features available are listed below.

15 Features Of Kent Grand Plus RO Water Purifier

  1.     The technology used in purification

Purification technology used in Kent is it is an RO water purifier with UV/UF adding a TDS controller. The water is made 100 % pure and edible by exterminating the harmful pathogens and dissolved impurities using RO/UF +UV.

  1. Capacity to store water

The Kent grand plus has the capacity to hold a maximum of 8 liters of water.

  1.     Different water types cleansed

The Kent grand plus is capable of purifying brackish, tap water and municipal/corporation water.

  1.     Speed of purification

The Kent grand plus is capable of purifying up to 20 liters per hour.

  1.     Water-saving technology

Recovers more than 50% water as purified water. Later it stores the rejected water in a separate tank which is reused part of RO water.

  1.     Alert functions

The Kent has its indicator for filter change and UV failure. If UV goes down for any reason the alarm is switched on. The computer-controlled operations are activated for change of the filter.

  1.     UV lamp

A 11 watt UV lamp available is to deactivate the harmful bacteria and microorganisms present in the water.

  1.     Filter cartridges

The filter cartridges are carbon block filter, UF, sediment, and post-carbon.

  1. The material of the plastic

The plastic used in making is ABS Food Grade Plastic.

  1. TDS controller

The TDS controller functionality allows the user to control the content of natural minerals in the purified water.

  1. Accessories provided

The accessory kit available with the water purifier is push-fit components for leakproof performance, a user manual, service center details, and a warranty card.

  1. Power supply

The Kent grand plus operates on electricity with a built-in SMPS used during power fluctuations.

  1. Installation

The installation of the water purifier on purchase is done by the company free of cost at customer premises. Kent customer care is available to help you with the installation process.

  1. Warranty

RO water purifier has a warranty of 1 year with 3 years of free service.

  1. Certification

The Kent grand plus is verified and certified by  WQA (USA & India), NSF (USA) and ISI (India)

The 5 stand out features of Kent grand plus

  1.     TDS controlle

The TDS Controller plays a significant role. The TDS control valve reduces up to 90 %of the impurities. It ensures that the natural minerals in the purified water not destroyed. Enduring the end water received by the user is pure, safe and healthy and tastes well.

  1.     No leakage

The high-end technology used in the making of Kent grand plus makes it leak proof. The wastage and leakage of water are taken care of by push-fit components. It consists of built-in fittings known as rubber O ring which provides additional protection against leakages.

  1.     Saves water

There is approximately 80 % of water wastage in conventional To purifier. Out of which only 20% of the water is recovered as the purified water. Meaning one needs 10 liters of input water for every 2 liters of purified water.

The Kent recovers about 50% water as purified water. The rejected water is stored in a separate tank unlike other RO to avoid mixing. The wastewater gathered can be used for other chores like gardening, mopping etc…providing with no wastage of water.

  1.     Design

The water purifier has an elegant structure or design. The transparent cover of Kent grand plus makes it look attractive and fits right at any place. The use is convenient and hassles free and hence can be used easily at home, office, restaurant, etc…  the upper cabinet consists of all functioning components. It also consists of a water level indicator which indicates the level of water inside.

  1.     Globally certified

The Kent grand plus is tested, verified and certified by well-known laboratories. The quality of the water received is assured. It has achieved the NSF and WQA gold seal in the United State. It has also been certified by CE and RoHS. Henceforth the purified water is reliable.