Key Reasons to Build Your E-commerce Presence

Key Reasons to Build Your E-commerce Presence 2020 - World Executives Digest
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World Executives Digest| Key Reasons to Build Your E-commerce Presence |It’s no surprise that e-commerce sales are dominating the world today. Apart from all the advantages most of us are aware of, we can’t neglect the fact that the COVID-119  pandemic has made online purchasing not only more popular, but also the only option available in many cases. All this suggests that companies already offering their products and services online should invest even more in building their online presence, while those who are yet to embark on the mission of entering the world of online shopping should take the plunge as soon as possible. In order to help you understand why it’s vital to build your online presence, we’ve prepared the following list of reasons.

Lower costs

It goes without saying that there are fewer costs involved in launching an online store in comparison to a traditional one. To begin with, you don’t need to pay in-person staff or rent. Next, digital advertising is much cheaper than traditional one and, we dare say, more efficient. Organic search, Google Ads and social media require relatively low investments, but they have the potential to drive more traffic and increase sales.

It’s easy to set up

Your online store can be set up in just a few clicks. This is mainly due to the existence of various e-commerce platforms, which allow you to have your online store up and running in no time. There are many templates you can choose from and you should also select hosting and platform maintenance plan. You may also add features such as an optimized checkout page to make transactions easier on both ends. The best thing is that there are niche-specific themes tailored to suit various businesses, which means you can have both reliable and visually appealing e-store.

Ideal for niche products

If you’re worried that too specific and niched products are not really suitable for online stores, we urge you to think again. On the contrary, this can easily be turned into your advantage. You shouldn’t forget that customers are researching highly-specialised products online, too. This often leads to purchases made without actually paying a visit to a brick-and-mortar retail store. Let us illustrate this with an example. Though products, such as top-quality oilfield equipment, may have a quite limited market in the physical world, people looking for such products are becoming increasingly reliant on e-commerce for purchases.

Efficient digital marketing strategy

It’s now more important than ever to stand out, because the market is highly competitive. Improving search rankings is one of the best ways to get new customers. With more than a third of all e-commerce traffic coming from organic search, it’s easy to understand how much you can you’re your sales by making your content search-friendly. If you publish engaging and informative blogs and video content about your services or products, you’ll boost user experience and build customer loyalty, which will in turn increase your online orders.

Customer data insight

One of the best methods to boost your sales is to know exactly who your customers are and what they like. The more your understand their behaviour, the better chances you’ll have of gaining more conversions and growing sales. By tracking shopping habits and tailoring promotional activities, you’ll actually personalise the whole shopping experience and better target your existing and prospective customers.

It’s more convenient

People now like to simply browse through products on their laptops or other mobile devices, after which they often make an online purchase. They do it from anywhere in the world and have the product delivered to their home in a matter of days or weeks. Who doesn’t like avoiding traffic, parking and dealing with nosy shop assistants? That’s why it’s perfectly logical to build your online presence as soon as possible.

Working round the clock

E-commerce stores are open 24/7, which means people can make purchases whenever they want. This is especially convenient for buyers from different time zones, though sellers profit as well. Namely, the fact that their e-commerce store works non-stop, allows them to get more orders.

Global expansion

Once you have an e-commerce store, you are able to move past the physical walls of your shop and go global. By using digital channels you can reach out to customers all over the world and sell them all your products and services, regardless of where they live. Your online presence will help you stay competitive, boost your brand and empower you to provide an exceptional experience to consumers worldwide.

So, establishing an e-commerce store is hassle-free, cheap and doesn’t involve a lot of risk. What’s more, it can take your business to new heights, but only if you act now!

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