Kitchen Remodelling on a Budget

Kitchen Remodelling on a Budget

Diana Smith, WED | Kitchen Remodelling on a Budget |  Have you gotten tired of your old dingy kitchen cabinets and outdated flooring? Do you need a kitchen you’ll happily spend your time in? If so, it means your kitchen needs some serious remodelling. Now you probably have thousands of dollars multiplying in your mind, but worry not, because a remodel does not have to cost you a fortune. From a fresh coat of paint, to several creative ideas for storage and decor, your old kitchen can look brand new, without breaking the bank.

Give cabinets a makeover

Replacing old kitchen cabinets with new cabinetry can cost up to a few thousand dollars if you have a large kitchen, so you can opt for a much more affordable alternative and just update your old ones a little. For a fresh, youthful look, add a fresh coat of paint to cabinet doors, and change the doorknobs. With polished nickel knobs, your cabinets will have that warm feel and the colour will go with any paint. Think about adding a decorative trim on the doors of cabinets and moulding to the top and bottom. Maybe you want your cabinets to look like shaker cabinets by just adding a few pieces of trim. Well, what are shaker cabinets, you ask? Just consider them like a very stylish, but classy cabinet style. Reface the cabinets, and give the existing cabinet frames a new veneer. If you’d like to give an extra edge to your kitchen, think about removing the upper cabinet doors and line the back of the cabinets with foam core covered in colourful wrapping paper. The vibrant design will adds a pop of colour and interest to your outdated kitchen, and with open shelving, everything will be within arm’s reach.

Extra storage space

If your kitchen is small, every inch of space is precious. Therefore, try to make the most of it since you’re remodelling anyway. Move the appliances around, switch and throw them out to make a spacious kitchen you’ll easily find your way around. Think about moving your freestanding upright Maytag freezer a few inches to the side, and add another base cabinet to get more countertop space. If there’s enough room above your freezer, you can install open shelving to add even more storage space for all the dishes, and various kitchen necessities.

Backsplash ideas

With a new backsplash, your kitchen will get an entirely new fresh look. Use inexpensive decorative tiles to create a high-end look. Beadboard is both budget-friendly and can easily match you kitchen style. What’s more, it’s easy to install, so you won’t have a hard time doing it yourself. The next best way to save money would be to have thermoplastic squares, which are also quite easy to install. In case you’re looking for a more polished look, ceramic tiles should be your number one choice.

Change the colour scheme

When you want to get a new kitchen without changing the cabinetry, and furniture, think about switching to a new colour palette. For a serene kitchen setting, go for sky-inspired colours. With bright blue walls, white cabinetry and a hardwood floor, your kitchen will get a cheery feel you’ll love. If you’re aiming towards a slightly warmer ambience, the mixture of latte walls, dark countertops and taupe-grey cabinetry, will lend your kitchen a cosy golden glow. Light grey cabinets in combination with beige walls and brown flooring will provide a peaceful welcoming setting.

Remodelling a kitchen can be quite an undertaking, but it doesn’t have to require tons of money. If you’re crafty, you can do all the work yourself and with a little bit of creativity, your old kitchen will look sophisticated and modern. Don’t spend money on new cabinetry, but refinish and reface the existing one, update it with new knobs and voila‒ you’ve got brand new cabinetry. Change the colour palette in the kitchen, create additional storage, and come up with a new backsplash design to offer your kitchen a modern look at a very reasonable price.