What Should You Know About Double Glazed Windows


Zac Ferry, World Executives Digest |  Before investing in double glazed windows, you should know what they are. It is a glass pane hat is insulated as it has incorporated multiple glass panes in a single window. They are often spaced door using spacers or air. Now you can also install the double glazed windows on your exiting old widnows and you do not need to spend much amounts on this replacement. Apart from that, you can face huge electricity bill every month and it is because of your old windows. During summer sun heat can easily enter through the old windows and your rooms will be heated instantaly. So you need to seal these cracks of your old windows to reduce your power consumption bill. In this case, you can install the double glazed windows in your house because they can provide better privacy level, prevent unwanted sounds and they can keep your rooms cool during summer.   

What Are the Advantages of Double Glazed Windows?

  • It helps to conserve energy. Since the air tight double glazed windows help to generate thermal insulation. The inflow and outflow of heat are controlled if one uses this kind of windows. It helps to reduce your electricity bills.
  • Condensation is limited in these kinds of windows. On a normal window pane, water gets condensed easily. But in case of double glazed windows, that is never the case as there is air between two panes of windows and thus condensation doesn’t take place easily. Thus, you don’t feel cold anymore inside your room.
  • These kinds of windows also help in the insulation of sound. It acts a barrier between the environment and your house. So you cannot hear the noise from outside.
  • These kinds of windows are hard to break. Thus, they provide additional security. They get sealed tightly and cannot be opened from outside easily.
  • Double glazed windows help to regulate the amount of heat and light coming inside your house. An excess amount of heat can also damage your furniture permanently.

How to Maintain Double Glazed Windows?

You can easily clean and maintain the double glazed windows and you do not need to spend any additional cost for their maintenance. Here you can find few tips to maintain your double glazed widnows:

  • You have to mix a little bit of vinegar along with water. Then you have to take a micro-fibre cloth in your hand.
  • Then you have to move the cloth circularly on the window pane to clean it properly. You have to make your cloth wet first with the vinegar-water mix so that you can clean the window easily.
  • To clean all the narrow spaces, you can dip toothbrush or cotton buds into the vinegar solution and clean it properly.
  • You cannot use agents such as bleach, nail polish remover, washing liquids. It is advised not to use a lot of pressure as it can cause a lot of damage. 

Things to Consider Before Buying the Double Glazed Widnows:

  • You need to ensure an adequate amount of space between window panes. A minimum amount of space ranges from 20 mm to 6 mm between the window panes.
  • To cut out all sorts of noises, the distance needs to be increased. A minimum distance should be around 150 mm between two window panes.
  • Lower kind of glasses ensures that not a huge amount of heat passes through the windows; but then laminated panes which are thicker when it comes to acoustics and cutting out noises.

Usually, in case of double glazed windows, there needs to be a spacer between the window panes. These spacers are made of metal or polyester. It is better to install them by trained professionals only.