Know the Useful Information of Asbestos Demolition


Anna Wrench, World Executives Digest |  Asbestos is the set of six naturally occurring silicate materials. Asbestos is a mineral fiber that was used in building material in the past. It contains the material of two types, one is friable and other is non-friable type. Both types are a health risk if not well maintained or removed carefully.

Today, many people think that the use of asbestos is banned but it is not true. The demolition of the asbestos is not easy because of the health risks involved with it. Its main access to human body is via inhalation. Once inhaled the asbestos fibers cause asbestosis, pleura cancer and lung cancer.

Asbestos Demolition

However, the effects can be seen after two to three decades. People are encouraged to remove the asbestos regardless of whether the asbestos is used for the exterior cladding, roofing, interior cladding or even many products which are made using asbestos.

Asbestos demolition: The demolition of asbestos is necessitated by the health risks associated with it. It has even been completely phased out in some countries. A building which has asbestos present cannot be destroyed easily and even clearance of the material is a difficult job too. Both the situations can harm a person’s health.

Cost of asbestos demolition: Because of the health issues, it is always not advisable to perform the tasks of demolition. And for that purpose there are teams of professionals who are educated and know how to remove this. They can demolish it without risking our life as well as their health. For this task, one person needs required knowledge, skills and education. So you have to hire the contractors which are highly experienced in the task so that you can be safe from the fibers of the asbestos left behind as it can create so much serious health issues.

The cost of the demolition of the asbestos depends on many factors:

  • The amount of asbestos you have to remove. The more the amount of asbestos present the costlier it will be to remove the asbestos.
  • The accessibility of the asbestos is the biggest factor that can increase the cost of removing it.
  • What is the condition of asbestos? If the asbestos used is more dangerous than the cost will be more and vice versa.
  • State of asbestos or the form of the asbestos whether it is loose or hard, whether the asbestos is in particle form or whether the asbestos is in solid hard in the form of hard sheets.

Asbestos Demolition

These are a few factors in which the cost of the asbestos demolition process depends. The cost can be higher if the health risk is more and the cost can be lower if the health risk is lesser. But this task can’t be performed by an individual. Therefore, you should hire a team of professional for this task.

Most of the companies of the professional charge according to per square meter and the cost depends upon the quantity and the form of asbestos present in a building which has to be demolished.

A hygienist is normally appointed by the government in such cases to identify the health risk over there. There are tools and equipments which reduce the health risks but this can be done properly by the professionals.

Asbestos Demolition is required to save the occupants of the building or the home as the asbestos can pose serious health risks especially when doing renovations. As fiber of the asbestos is inhaled through air, it can even cause many types of cancer and active smokers are more prone to it. Therefore, demolishing a building containing the asbestos is not an easy task.