Image source: | LAYERING IS BACK IN VOGUE – A QUICK STYLE GUIDE FOR ALL JACKETS EVERY WOMAN MUST OWN | The art of layering clothes dates to the early 70s where women layered shirts and coats over their T-shirts. This age-old tradition is still being followed and is back in vogue like never before. Styling an outfit today is incomplete without jackets and coats along with a trendy pair of sneakers. This trend is highly influenced by Korean street fashion, which has inspired plenty of youngsters who have been seen styling coats with almost all their outfits.

Many prominent fashion brands, for example, Peppermayo, are coming up with trendy clothing for the modern woman. These brands are doing their intensive research to cater to everybody in the female demographic of Australia, which has led to the creation of a great collection. This has caused a boom in demand for coats worldwide, increasing their sales number. This article will list the most trending styles of coats every woman must own in her closet today.

Types of coats present in the closets of fashionistas today:

The following are a list of the most in-vogue jackets that belongs in the wardrobe of every famous fashion influencer today that are a must-have for all the ladies:

  • The sporty Polars: The Polars are back in trend after certain celebrities have been spotted wearing them by the paparazzi. They are made from soft fabric that allows easy air circulation, making them ideal for a sporty look. They are available in a large range of colours, of which the most common ones are creams and light shades. They will look better with white T-shirts and a nice pair of washed pieces of denim.
  • The chic Blazers: Blazers are often associated with office and hustle culture that is not the case today. These coats can be styled with almost anything, including casual jeans or even a simple dress. Not sure about what to wear for a lunch date on a pleasant day? Just throw on a blazer over a black tube top and style it with a short skirt. It won’t only look elegant but will also be very comfortable to carry.
  • Trendy Puffers: The Puffer jacket was famous in the 90s when everyone would sport it every day during the winters, but now it has become the epitome of fashion. These jackets are warm, as they are padded with a lining of wool and intended to wear during winters. Many women complain about not dressing their best during winters because of some ugly coats, but the puffers come in to save the day. These trendy coats are designed to keep individuals warm and simultaneously look like a million bucks.
  • The classic Denim: Nobody can go wrong with a classic denim jacket. They have been a part of street fashion since the late 60s and early 70s. They are an expression of freedom and free spirit even today. These jackets are a wardrobe must-have as they can be styled with anything and everything. It is best suited for younger women who are still in their university as they can throw the jacket on when they are late for a class without worrying about looking alright. 
  • The elegant Pinstripes: Celebrities like Johnny Depp and Kylie Jenner have made the pinstripe blazer the new fashion trend. Everybody wants to follow their inspiration and own them, increasing the demand and production by famous brands. Plenty of affordable brands like Peppermayo have made it possible for people to purchase these iconic style pieces and collect them.

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