Image source: | LIVING IN THE NORTHERN BEACHES: THE BEST SUBURBS TO LIVE IN | People pay painstaking attention to detail when it comes to deciding to settle down in an area. They thoroughly research the amenities and resources available in the area, the logistics and more. Real estate companies in Australia try to provide as much background information as possible about the area.

The real estate industry in Australia has come a long way by being more proactive. The Australian real estate market is currently worth a whopping 7.9 trillion AUD. This high value reflects the professionalism and reliability of real estate in Australia. Several real estate companies exist with houses for sale in Northern Beaches, Queens and other areas in Sydney.

Sydney is one of the most popular areas for both residential and commercial real estate in Australia. Owing to this popularity, it is also one of the most populated areas in Australia. So while several people might be looking at Sydney as a viable option, some prefer a quieter life, but with the same amenities, a city can provide. Sydney’s Northern Beaches has several suburbs that fit this category, where people can enjoy city life without the hustle and bustle. 


A survey conducted across Sydney’s suburbs ranked Northern Beaches suburbs among the top residential suburbs. This article lists the suburbs along with their highlights.


Ranking first on the list is Queenscliff, which gets its name from Queen Victoria. This suburb ranks highest in culture, amenities, ocean views, and more. While the traffic can be frustrating, this is also one of the suburbs with the lowest crime rates. This neighbourhood is the best for all groups of people, from families and bachelors to university students.


The next suburb on the list is Manly. Manly is known for its lush green cover and exquisite vistas, making it a hub of tourist traffic year-round. However, while the influx of tourists can make it crowded, it also promises the latest amenities and facilities. The only drawback in Manly is its traffic and travel times, but otherwise, it is a perfect neighbourhood for everyone.

Dee Why

Dee Why is also a popular real estate option, with many agencies offer houses for sale in Northern Beaches. This neighbourhood also sports a 1.2km long beach with exquisite ocean view properties and cafes. This neighbourhood also houses some of the best schools and offers impeccable coverage, making it popular. The only drawback here is the connectivity (buses, trains, etc.) and the traffic.


The freshwater suburb also houses excellent beaches for the perfect weekend outings or when people want to unwind after work. The only reason Freshwater suburb is lower in ranking is its traffic, but otherwise, it promises some of the best amenities and facilities. Additionally, it is also the home to some of the most scenic ferry rides.


Balgowlah offers some unique dining experiences with seaside cafes and several other tourist attractions. While the suburb lacks connectivity, it makes up for it with unique topography and an enriching cultural experience. Additionally, Balgowlah also has lush green coverage that adds to the tourist vibe.

The Northern Beaches are known for their ocean views and water sports, offering more than the average residential experience. Real estate in the Northern Beaches has seen quite a growth over the past few years, with residential properties increasing more than 5% in value; this is the highest growth since 2003. Several real estate agencies like Upstate offer excellent properties and houses for sale in Northern Beaches suburbs and other areas in Sydney.

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