Lloyd Tronco’s Lockdown Story: Rediscovering His Talent and Love for Art

Lloyd Tronco's Lockdown Story
The Adman and the Artist - Lloyd Tronco - signing his giant art piece.

World Executives Digest | Lloyd Tronco’s Lockdown Story: Rediscovering His Talent and Love for Art | An advertising man in the Philippines tells us his story of how he rediscovered his talent – and love for art – during the lockdowns brought about by the Pandemic.

We all had our piece of stories during the lockdown period, some used their spare time to make up with the lost times with their families, some caught up with their long-overdue vacation leaves, some has made their trip to the kitchen as a hobby, either to practice cooking or eat whatever is in their pantry shelves, while taking this opportunity to make something more productive, while others have discovered their hidden talents and others have tried recovering their old hobbies.

Lloyd Tronco is among the top advertising executives who have made their mark on the industry, as an advertising professional, art and communication are among his passion. This Native Ilonggo is trained in the Fine Arts at La Consolacion College Bacolod and has made use of his spare time during the quarantine period by making history.

He considered his biggest achievement during this uncertain time is his artwork which is the Largest Abstract Painting in the Philippines, and can be found in Barangay Wack-Wack, Greenhills East, Mandaluyong City. It all started with the intention of making his fair share for the celebration of the National Arts Month for 2021, this Mandaluyong-based produced a masterpiece that is 62 feet in height and 40 feet wide. Since its size was too big for display in an art gallery, it was decided to display it in one of the EDSA billboards located in Mandaluyong City and at the corner of Ortigas Avenue and EDSA.

He named his acrylic-painted obra, “Alab ng Sining” in vinyl. It was posted in EDSA, near the POEA building starting February 2021.

llod tronco painting
“Alab ng Sining”
Largest abstract artwork in the Philippines – 62 feet by 40 feet, Acrylic on Vinyl, by lloydtronco 2021

According to Tronco, he had this idea at the back of his mind for years since he has been actively doing outdoor advertising for the longest time. Lloyd’s family-owned business, Tronco Advertising Co. Inc. is based in Bacolod City and has been dabbling in out-of-home advertising for the past four decades. He admittedly mentioned that his masterpiece is a personal project, as he has been an artist by training, this is because he finished he is a product of University of the Philippines’ College of Architecture for less than a year.

The untimely death of his father compelled him to help his mother with their family-owned billboard business which serves the Visayas and Mindanao region. And from there, he shifted to Fine Arts in La Consolacion College in Bacolod City.

llod tronco adman artist
Tronco using a makeshift brush for his giant masterpiece. (Source: Lloyd Tronco, Facebook post)

For art enthusiasts, his masterpiece is also for sale where half of the proceeds will go to his partner charitable institution, Kalipay Negrense Foundation that is based in his homeland, Negros. Kalipay Negrense Foundation Inc. is a non-profit organization which focuses their projects for the disadvantaged youth, including those who are homeless, neglected, abandoned, malnourished, physically and sexually abused, victims of child trafficking, labor, and foundlings.


One week prior to his graduation at Philippine Science High School in March 1985, his instructor in Art Appreciation gave him a task. He was asked to do a mural on the Philippine Science High School grandstand. He worked on his assignment along with his classmate and was awarded an Imelda Marcos Award for Excellence in Art.

Before officially entering college, he both applied in UP and UST, Ivy League universities of the country for the college of Architecture, where he both passed.

During the eve of his finals in UP, his father passed away which forced him to go home to Bacolod City for the funeral and went back for good, shifting from an Architecture course at the University of the Philippines to Fine Arts major in Advertising in La Consolacion College.

Lloyd Tronco Artist
Photo shows: Cesar Legaspi (+), Lloyd Tronco, Larry Tronco (+), sketching in Barangay Banago, Bacolod City, 1975.33 (Source: Lloyd Tronco, Facebook post)

He effectively juggled his studies along with his duties in the family business to help out his mother in keeping their business. And by the year 1994, he finally took over on their family-owned business. He ran their business until 2001. He was invited to join the McCann-Erikson Philippines as a Media Strategist for their out-of-home media after his years in running Tronco Advertising Inc. He has worked with big clients for 4 years from big brands like Coke, Mastercard, San Miguel, Globe, Philip Morris, and Johnson & Johnson among others. After his stint in McCann-Erickson, he opened up his own empire in 2005 and also did consulting work.

October of last year, he decided to close his business that he put up in 2005 that signaled him to shift his gear from outdoor advertising to art. He is still doing consulting work up to this time but hopes to spend more of his time doing his passion for Art.

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