What Do You Lose Without Time Tracking Software and How to Choose One

Time Tracking Software

by Kyla Camille, World Executives Digest |

Well, for anyone, time is one of those important assets that does not come back if lost once and maybe that is why it is often compared with money that is earned or lost. Every business wants profits but there is a thin, fine difference between who actually understands the value of time and people who think.

If given proper inspection and with the right management, you can reduce all those problems that arise due to lack time. Today, we’ll discuss how time tracking software can actually help your business out in terms of managing time and increasing profits.  

Recording Access Time


We all know how every company has started recording access times of their employees whenever they make an entry and exit. But keeping tabs 24/7 is hard not only for the administrative department but also for employees as they feel they are being  kept in a jail. With the help of time tracking software, all such data would be kept in order and automatically. The information about your employees’ work time and attendance will be saved on the computer and later when you want it you can easily analyze for appraisal purpose or billing hours.

Enhances Employee Productivity

This one question companies always try to find answers for. Some companies implement new techniques, procedures, or HR appraisals to improve their employee productivity. While some fail and some succeed depending on the type of strategy. With so many things going around, employees are at times unable to finish their projects in time. Now, this is where a time tracker plays its role.

A time tracking system will let you measure your employees work productivity by calculating how much time they’ve spent on each and every project they are assigned for. Once you have all those time sheets, you can see what your employees are spending more time on whether it is projects, activities, or routine tasks.

Works Well Than Free Apps

Currently, there are many apps available in the market that are paid and free. But the problem is that they don’t come will all features that would require impressing a business. Especially free plans always miss that little essential features what companies exactly wanted. Such apps won’t be used often by companies due to their low performance.

On the other side, time tracking software has got all that companies want not only just to track time of their employees but also motivate them by providing reports to analyze.

Every Incognito Tab Gets Tracked

Sometimes, employees do not want to be tracked or recorded like which websites they are visiting. This could include social media networking platforms too so they use incognito tabs so that nobody can lay their eyes on them. This is where risks significantly increase because they could share company’s confidential information too. So it is extremely important to know what they do in their office hours.

In such scenarios, a time tracking software can help you better than anyone and anything. It lets you know what they are doing by tracking time on things they are spending and which websites they refer or visit. This way, you can be sure of what is going on in your company.

Now that you are convinced of why a time tracking software is important for your company, it is now time to know how to choose one for your business.  

Tracking employees time is a good thing since based on their level of productivity and efficiency you get to take better strategic decisions but is that it? No. There are certain factors you need to consider before purchasing one for your company.

Ease of Use

It doesn’t take much time to get carried away by the way it looks and that is why it is important to note that a visual look is not a factor to consider for a time tracking software. The first and foremost factor on the list is the ease of use and compatibility it offers for its users. Experiment a handful of softwares on a trial basis and see which one is more compromising and assess its usability.


An ideal time tracker will have the flexibility that would meet your requirements. Let’s say, your project manager wants to see which of the tasks that were given to the employees in the last are completed. Features like particular projects that are completed can turn from blue to green, tasks that are yet to finish, etc. can work your work easier and will also speed up your employees.

Usually, information that is seen will process faster than others. So when you check a timesheet that indicates the status of each assignment or project (Completed and Work in progress) will let you track every little detail about the project without much juggling around.

Choose a Software That Suits End Users

It is equally important to choose the right time tracking software that not only suits your business but also your end users. See how many platforms your employees are using and check whether it is compatible with every single of that platform.

Automatic Client Billing

One of the intimidating processes in running a business is billing clients rightly. Whether you charge hourly, weekly, or monthly, your time will be just gone with billing and invoicing. So looking for an automatic client billing feature that can easily send an invoice to your clients at the end of the project, day, week, or month.

This automatic invoicing should be a part of your work and make this as a part of your billing processes is a time-saving thing instead of making a note in your diary. Moreover, this way you can make sure there are fewer errors while billing.

Whenever your employee selects the particular project or assignment they are currently working on and when they track time they spend on that project will automatically get updated in your system. Such kind of software costs you less money and keeps you accurate both while paying your employees and billing your clients.