Luxury Design: Backyard Retreat Ideas

Luxury | No matter how big or small your backyard is, it can easily serve as your private luxury retreat, you only need to know about these little design tricks! Give these ideas a try this summer and you’ll have a perfect vacation destination right in your backyard.

Zen out

If your work is killing you, you could use some relaxation out in the fresh air. The new trend of Japanese Zen gardens will really fill your backyard with tranquility and peace while also providing you with breathtaking views. Think slender bamboo, white sands, smooth pebbles, relaxing koi ponds and secluded seating spots for meditation. These details will not only surround you with luxury, but also make you feel mindful and grateful!

Improve your lighting

One very easy and cost-effective way to boost luxury in your backyard is to treat it with some atmospheric lighting. Bold accent lights will not only give you ample illumination in the evening, but also serve as a focal point of your yard and give it some extra aesthetic appeal. For instance, light up your next get-together with some statement hanging pendants or bold wall sconces. However, if you want to create a very romantic and chill atmosphere, fairy lights might be your best choice.

Add a touch of warmth

If you want to enjoy your backyard even during the chilly spring or fall evenings, you need to add a touch of warmth to your space. Building a lux fire pit will not only warm up your evenings but also serve as a nice addition to your backyard aesthetics. Today, there are glamorous fire pits surrounded by cozy seating and other commodities that can really make your backyard feel and look top-notch! Some models even have built-in storage for blankets, garden games and marshmallows for roasting!

Protection from the sun

Sure, having a lot of sunshine will make you want to go outside and enjoy your backyard, but the relentless sun and no shade will quickly chase you back inside. So, if you want to make your outdoor space comfy and lux even during the biggest heat waves, you need some sun protection. One great way to create some shade in your backyard is to invest in retractable roofs. They will not only provide you with ample sun and heat protection, but also serve as a stylish and modern addition to your outdoor space.

Boost your pampering

If you feel like you need a nice spa day, look no further than your backyard. After you have a nice swimming session in your pool, jump into your private sauna cabin to relax those muscles and sweat out all the bad things. Heat and moisture will boost your lymphatic system, completely detoxify your body and leave you feeling fresh and rejuvenated!

Have an outdoor cookout

If you love to host parties and show off your cooking skills, this is a lux addition for you! Turn your patio into a beautiful outdoor kitchen that will allow you to prepare delicious food and be a part of your gathering at the same time. Sure, a grill is a total must, but you can also invest in wood fire ovens, smoker or even a lux cocktail station! These backyard additions will turn your space into a real summer retreat filled with great food and tasty, refreshing drinks.

Modern outdoor spaces today are treated with the same care as the indoor spaces. So, be kind to your backyard this year and give it a few lux additions that will boost its aesthetics and comfort. You’ll never want to travel anywhere further than your own luxury backyard!