Major Causes of Leaking Roofs


Gregory Hemp, World Executives Digest |  A leaking roof is the major cause of damage to the structure and can also lead to accidents. This happens because of the negligence of the home owner towards roof. To prevent major expenses and long-term damage it is advisable to inspect the roof of a home on a regular basis and get this repaired without wasting any time in case there is a leak or even a small repair work required. Here we talk about the different causes of roof leakage.

  • Age: The age of a roof can be one of the main causes of roof leakage. With the passing of time you find that metal roofing and roof tiles tend to deteriorate. This is due to the ongoing contraction and expansion and also the wear and tear due to the prevalent weather conditions. Continuous exposure to the harsh sunlight can also lead to the tar melting and the seal giving away. It is always advisable to get the roof inspected by experienced professionals from time to time.
  • Vents: Any penetration done on the roof needs to be sealed thoroughly. The gaskets, which are placed around the vent pipes, needs to be inspected for gaps or cracks and also checked for any missing nails.
  • Debris: Debris has a tendency to cause a buildup. This might be the leaves or even the twigs. This leads to trapping of the water, which, if left unattended, tends to seep in. A single drop of water can damage whole of your structure. For water to run off the roof in a smooth manner it is important to ensure the cleanliness. You can trim the overhead trees from time to time to ensure this cleanliness.
  • Flashing: Compromised flashing on the chimneys can cause this disaster of roof leakage. Flashings are those metal strips which are installed at specific danger points for roof leakage. Water intrusion can be eliminated with a thorough sealing of these flashings. Old flashing needs to be replaced and this can work out quite costly.
  • Gutter back up: Blocked gutters tend to slow the flow of water from the roof, which leads to accumulation of water on the roof. This accumulated water harms the roof and will penetrate. This problem can be eliminated by cleaning the gutters regularly and also by opting for gutter covers
  • Excess Moisture: Draining of the gutters which are on the upper roof, into the lower roof can lead to over saturation of the lower roof. You can plan to extend the out spout of these down to the ground.
  • Professional Roofing Repairs: Opting for professionals who are not only qualified but also experienced can ensure the ‘right’ leaking roofing repairs. For roofs which are damaged by the wind a professional can secure the sheets which are loose and also work on straightening out the sections which have been deformed by the heavy winds.

Ensure that the flashing systems are inspected from time to time and you can prevent the roof from getting damaged any further.

Choosing professional for repair of leaking roofs is no easy job. This needs to be researched thoroughly so that you can ensure you choose only qualified and experienced professionals who have a complete understanding of the repair required. Waterproofing experts are available in the market to solve all your problems regarding roof leakage. Search for the waterproofing companies and compare the prices and the quality. This can work out easy if you go through the reviews and ratings posted on the specific website.