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WorldExecutivesDigest | Make Space on Mac: Top Tips | You’re going about your day, minding your own business, and then boom, the dreaded alert — “your disk is almost full”.

Sound familiar? Macbooks always seem to fill up quick, but there are a few simple actions you can take to make space on Mac.

If you want to know how to free up space on a MacBook Air, or any other Mac device, keep reading to learn how the storage settings work, and our top tips for increasing your storage space.

What Is Mac Storage?

To view your storage on Mac, click the Apple logo at the top left corner of your screen, and select ‘storage’, then ‘manage’. Here you will be able to see exactly how much data is being stored on your Mac, and from what sources.

Other storage on Mac is huge for most people — this is made up of files that don’t fall into the other category types. It usually contains random system and cache files. Some of these things can be deleted, and others are needed for system functions, so always be careful with this.

Make Space on Mac: Top Tips

Let’s take a look at some of the easy, stress-free ways you can make space on Mac.

Manually Free Up Space

Delete any files and apps you’re not using anymore. This doesn’t have to be time-consuming, just focus on the larger files like audio, videos, and IOS backups. Make sure to empty your trash as well — the trash is saved for 30 days, and this takes up space too!

Compress Files

This is a simple tip that many people miss. If you compress larger files into zip files, it can make a huge difference, especially if you have a lot of music or video files on your device. Simply ctrl+click the file and select ‘compress’.

Move Files to iCloud

Moving your files to iCloud frees up your storage space on your Mac device, and this is usually one of the automatic recommendations when your disk is full. All file types can be saved, including your messages. If you need more iCloud storage, it’s possible to buy it for a very low cost.

Use Third-Party Apps

There are dozens of third-party apps that can automatically remove unwanted, duplicate, or unused files and apps. The bonus with these apps is that they also work with external drives.

If your photos are a mess, you can download a duplicate photo finder here.

How to Manage Storage on Mac

We hope this guide helped you learn some simple and effective tips to make space on Mac.

Try to do regular storage checks every few weeks to avoid any unexpected alerts. Prevention is better than cure, and regular maintenance is always best. Using third-party apps can help to keep your storage automatically maintained over time.

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WorldExecutivesDigest | Make Space on Mac: Top Tips