Make Your House Smart with These Expert Design Solutions

Make Your House Smart | Make Your House Smart with These Expert Design SolutionsThe idea of a smart home has a strong, alluring vibe that instantly takes us to a dream-like state. Imagine unlocking your door with your smartphone or asking your virtual assistant to fetch a glass of ice water. The scenarios look like a dream and an ultimate luxury. However, we have a piece of good news that the smart home system today is an affordable reality previously thought impossible. An additional point of having a smart home is that it not only makes life more comfortable; it is also time and cost-effective. A modern smart home is something anyone can setup. With a few creative design solutions, you can control your home gadgets through your smartphone. If you plan your designs right, then you can even have a voice-activated smart home. 

Here are some of the expert design solutions that you can consider to begin your smart home transformation.

Design Idea No 1: Smart Lighting

Nothing speaks more for smart homes than smart lights, and for many people, lighting is the entry point. Lighting arrangement is the best point of initiation for a smart home, as many intelligent light systems do not require a central hub to operate. They easily interact with other smart gadgets and home elements. Many companies like Cree or LIFX have bulbs that communicate through Wi-Fi, while some connect via Bluetooth. You have an app on your smartphone that controls the light system effectively, and you can set schedules for operating. Since there is no central hub or switches to run smart lights, you can use the system throughout your home from your smartphone. 

Design Idea No 2: Smart Sound System

Nothing is more convenient than asking your system to dim the lights and play soft music while you have your dinner. The smart sound system has become a center point of smart home transformation. You can have them attached to the ceilings or placed on critical locations connected via a central sound hub. But, you need to make some space by clearing away the clutter. Achieving a smart house means having less furniture lying here and there. You can rent a self storage unit, keep all your useful valuables there, and make room for your smart sound system. You can set your sound system to respond to your voice commands. Devices like Amazon Alexa or Google Assistant work best in this scenario to give your home a smart makeover.

Design Idea No 3: Smart Locks and Doorbells

Transition to a smart home is incomplete without having intelligent locks and doorbells. These intelligent locks vary in options; some allow usage from a phone while others provide temporary access to people you authorize. The virtual assistant system controls these locks and acts according to your limited access or pin code system. Some other smart locks and doorbells have facial or fingerprint recognition features that allow only approved entry. Coupled with a home security system, you can monitor your home remotely and allow access to anyone you see fit. Your virtual assistant can store the recordings in cloud storage for later viewing. 

Design Idea No 4: Smart Security System

The smart security system consists of a wide-angled camera network combined with smart locks and doorbells. The user has remote access to the system and can monitor live feed from any place as long as they have an internet connection. This smart security system allows you to monitor and control all the critical points in your home. Another beneficial attribute of an intelligent security system is that it triggers a silent alarm that notifies law enforcement for an immediate response. Advance cameras, motion sensors, infrared sensors, and other devices come under a smart security system’s banner. 

Design Idea No 5: Smart Air Conditioning

A smart air condition system gives you energy-efficient heating and cooling. These systems have a temperature-controlled setting that triggers heaters or coolers accordingly. They have energy-efficiency and cost-effectiveness as they reduce energy consumption through automatic shutdowns. The system immediately shuts itself if it detects the room temperature has come under the desired levels. You can even adjust your ventilation or air conditioning accordingly. According to each room, some companies have sensory controls placed throughout your home to allow the working of air conditioning. 

Design Idea No 6: Smart Irrigation System and Smoke Detectors

Smart technology can also integrate itself into your lawn or garden irrigation system to allow plants’ watering according to schedules. You can keep your lawn fresh at all times without worrying about missing watering the plants. For indoors, you can install smart smoke detectors that work in the same way as traditional detectors. However, they send notifications directly to your smartphones and concerned emergency authority also. It triggers an alarm as soon as they detect any danger.

Bonus Tip: Remember that a smart home needs an active and uninterrupted internet connection to operate responsively. Ensure that you have a good connection with a reliable service provider. 

Final Word

Transition to a smart home is not a dream but a reality in itself today. Earlier all these features were thought of as impossible, but our ideas have come to life with technological advancement. You can start your smart home idea using the design solutions mentioned above. Create a unique blend of creativity with technology for your dream smart home.