What Makes An Invaluable Team Player?


The company I work in is quite small considering there are only a 14 employees. With this size, only a couple of leaders and the rest followers. There is nothing wrong with being a follower.

A lot of companies now are hiring based on leadership skills. However, the people who get things done are the ones considered to be important, as this is where a lot of action is happening.

If you are a follower, and you don’t do what you are expected to do, chances are, you are dispensable. Followership is important in any organization. The followers who get things done, supports the company and are thus considered to be the movers of the business model. They make the visions of the leaders a reality. Good followers give creative feedback to their leaders.

Followers who give transparent and constructive feedback, to their leaders allow the leaders to grow and move to the right direction.

What makes invaluable team players? There are five skills that we can think of.

  • Motivation
  • Courage
  • Service
  • Dedication
  • Strong Work Ethic

Good leaders not only possess these qualities, but they also ensure that these qualities be passed on to their followers.

Not everyone, wants to be a leader though. Some might simply be contented to less stressful work. Don’t get me wrong, but each follower plays an important role in any organization. They just have to play that role for the success of the company that they work in.

If a follower wants to create an impact, the follower must fully embrace the role that is given to him/her.

Execution is always key to any project.