Making an Impact: Balustrade Design Ideas for Your Balcony

Making an Impact: Balustrade Design Ideas for Your Balcony balustrading

Making an Impact: Balustrade Design Ideas for Your Balcony | When designing the balcony, one great way of making an impact and enhancing the exterior design of your home or office space is with balustrade installations. The design of a balcony enhances the difference between levels where it is at an elevated level. It can also enhance the sense of privacy.

 There are diverse ways balustrade designs can be applied to enhance your balcony. But first what is balustrade? It refers to all components (handrails, spindles, and newels) that make up the railing system of a balcony or staircase. The way you bring design to bear can result in overall improvements in the look of your home or office. 

Glass railings

These are trendy because of their classy outlook, durability, and affordability. They go with balustrade and can be found in residential and office buildings.  You could apply the balustrade design for glass railing in the top mounting style. The goal here is spread the weight of the glass.
This style is low-cost and easy to install. However, it takes up space and may not the suitable if you have limited space. But if you have a large space and want to cut costs, top mounting is a balustrade design you should consider for your balcony. Glass railings have a minimalist and chic appeal, so you should not waive this option aside if you have the resources to adopt it.

Rainbow Balcony

An otherwise dull looking balustrade railing on a balcony can be brightened up by laying the different rainbow colours on it. This way, it becomes the centre of attention and rightly so. 

Metal Balcony

This balustrade design blends well against a black and white colour scheme in the home. The contrast ensures that it will stand out against white walls.

Blend of Wood and Glass

This is achieved by applying wood toning at the top glass panels, all held together by balustrade installations. This can further be complemented with a wood flooring.

Timber Balustrade

Laying timber on balustrade designs for the balcony is known to be striking. It has an art deco appeal that is straight from the 1930s.

Steel Balustrade

Steel balustrades give a functional look that works in commercial or office settings. It can be painted in one tone that blends with the rest of the office. It can also be painted a contrasting tone to draw attention to it. 

Experimenting with spindle shapes

You can play around with the spindle or upright posts design to give your balcony a traditional or contemporary outlook. You could go with traditional Georgian designs or modern alternating patterns. These designs can then be painted to suit the overall colour tone of your exterior design.

Combining materials

Who says you have to stick to just one of these styles? If well blended, you can apply several of them for a wow effect. For instance, a glass balustrade, with white flooring, with timber finishing at both ends of it.


Your balcony is one of the first parts of your home or office visitors will encounter. Make the most of that first impression with the right balustrade installations.