Making a choice of a Pergola


Rudy Hendricks, World Executives Digest |

Relaxing on your backyard is a luxury which most of us do not have the tie for due to the hectic life style. Think of an outdoor pergola, because is one option which can beautify the backyard at very reasonable prices. With the right choice, you can enhance your mood and personality. Apart from that, you can spend your weekend morning under this outdoor pergola and you can also conduct a small party around your pergola. It is your personal choice and you do not need to spend any additional amount for maintaining these outdoor pergolas.

Extension of Living space:


A pergola works apt for all those who are in love with the outdoors but are confined in the house due to the various changes in the weather. With this option you can spend most of your free time in the outdoors, relaxing with a book, listening to music of your choice or just doing ‘nothing’. This doing ‘nothing’ is a big luxury which most of us cannot afford. So, you can spend some time with yourself and you can practice medication inside the pergola. 

Different Choices in Pergolas:

  • Different Roofs: Pergolas can be designed with either solid roofs or slatted roof. This depends on how much of the structure you wish to cover for the protection against the weather elements. Living in a hot climate, it is advisable to opt for a design which includes an apt roof, while for those living in colder climates can choose the open design pergola.  
  • Attached and Detached Pergolas: You need to choose between the detached and the attached according to your requirement. Installation of a patio cover to the existing house works out affordable as compared to the free-standing pergolas. This also depends on the structure of the house and the roof. Free standing pergolas are ideal for those houses where the roofing is on the older side or probably weak.
  • Permits Required: Different places follow different rules and regulations and keeping this in mind before you start the building of a pergola, and you must take the permission from local authorities or municipality. This saves you from uncalled for hassles in the future. Even you may need to sanction your plan by the authority.
  • Different Materials for Pergolas: You have a choice between pine, cedar, redwoods and other woods for the pergolas. Pine, though not very pleasing to the eye, works out an affordable option.  Red wood and Cedar are considered as ‘good’ looking and have the additional benefit of being resistant to insects and rotting. As these are the ‘classy’ type they tend to work a little heavy on the pocket. Finally, the material of the pergola depends on the temperature of the specific place and you need to choose them according to your budget.


  • The Size of the Pergola: A pergola which is of a right width and height is considered as ‘ideal’. The height of 7ft works out apt for most as this is comfortable for even those with a height of 6ft. For this height of 7 ft. the width of a pergola needs to be more than 7 for it to not only look right but also feel right. For a pergola on the larger side ensure you make use of big bits of wood or probably bricks work apt.

The length of the pergola can be decided by the home owner. You need to be aware that a big pergola will require more of wood or metal for the covering on the top. In this case, you can contact the pergola designer or contractor for more details and they will install your pergola according to your budget.