Making Your Summer Vacation Plan: 9 Exciting Ideas

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Image Credit: | Making Your Summer Vacation Plan: 9 Exciting Ideas | Dying for summer to come? Starting making your summer vacation plan now and you’ll have an unforgettable trip. Check our tips for inspiration!

Creating a decent vacation plan is never an easy task, especially if you’re allowed little free time. In recent years, quick-planning vacation ideas have given way to unexciting, cookie-cutter holiday choices for folks who take time off to refresh and reset their minds.

Summer is the perfect season to set off on a getaway. If it’s been a while since you created a thoughtful summer vacation plan, these 9 exciting ideas will make your next gateway awe-inspiring. 

  1. Admire Marrakesh’s Beautiful Nature 

Morocco is a diverse country with a rich history and mix of stimulation for senses. The North African country offers plenty of unique experiences from the winding lanes of Medina in Marrakesh to the spellbinding rows of local goods to the best five-star hotels in the region.

Want your summertime to be both enticing and challenging? Ride a camel into the sunset in the Sahara desert. Most of Marrakech’s top hotels are best known for their huge villas, sumptuous meals, beautiful spas, decorated architecture, and pools in Moorish gardens. 

La Mamounia and Mandarin Oriental hotels have been visitor’s favorites for years. La Mamounia, for example, is located close to Medina. Some famous names have stayed here, such as Winston Churchill, Tom Cruise, and Nelson Mandela.

The Mandarin Oriental is an oasis on 50 acres of olive groves and gardens facing the Atlas Mountains. Both are amazing locations to include in your summer vacation plan.

  1. Family Time in the Caribbeans

Caribbean Islands are famous for their appealing beaches and cultural attractions. Activities include marine exploration, napping on the beach, dolphin encounters and riding in electric cars. 

You may want to look for deals that include kids-free activities and meals. In case you don’t have a specific summer vacation plan, Antigua’s upscale and kid-friendly options make it worthy of your consideration.

However, if you want to get a plum spot in the renowned Seven Mile Beach, sumptuous meals, a better spa, and a buzzy bar scene, then you might want to consider Kimpton Seafire, Grand Cayman.

  1. Dance All Night in Fiji 

If you’re an adventure-ready traveler or an admirer of rich cultures, clear water, and incredible beaches then Fiji’s 333 islands deserve a spot in your summer vacation plan. Fiji’s ideal weather and countless activity options make it one of the best places to visit all year round. 

If you’re on a budget, plan to visit this magical place around summer. June is technically a low season in Fiji, so you can easily find affordable hotel rates and smaller crowds.

Yet if you’re looking for a more exclusive getaway, try Laucala Private Island Resort, a private island resort with a golf course, green mountains and beautiful beaches.

  1. Soak Up the History of Rome

Rome’s alluring culture and romantic architecture are heavenly in the summer. Better yet, most of Rome’s iconic landmarks are located outside, allowing visitors to quickly soak up the sceneries and history of this great summer destination. 

Italy’s capital city is best known for the ghosts of Colosseum, and mysteries surrounding the nearby Vatican City. Other places to visit are Roman’s sun Trevi Fountain, the Spanish Steps, the Roman Forum, and the Gianicolo Hill. Save on Airport Parking by checking out these tips on travel, before you go!

  1. Experience the Different Climates of South Africa

Each corner of South Africa packs a different climate, but they’re mostly warm and balmy, making the South of Africa ideal for most travelers. Whether it’s the Table Mountain of Cape Town, the wines of Franschhoek, or the plains of Kruger, a summer vacation here will be fascinating. 

The mostly warm temperatures make south Africa a top destination for wine sipping tours and beach days. South Africa also offers lodgings depending on your budget. But if you’re in Cape Town and want to take in the sunset views of the city, opt for a resort with a rooftop, such as The Silo. 

If you’re unsure what to bring to cooperate with the journey, check out this packing list for your travels.

  1. Eat, Drink and Surf in Oaxaca, Mexico 

Oaxaca is one of the world’s best food scenes. This all-universe destination is reputable for tasty foods, drinks, and surf. Snag a palmtop hat and wind up the roads.

Check out the finest dinner menu at Almoraduz and try fresh oysters at Bacocho beach, the famous sands of Puerto Escondido.

  1. A-List Experience in Las Vegas 

The recently opened Las Vega’s Park MGM is far more than a mere trendy resort. The resort’s Eataly is 40,000-square-foot, and it’s the city’s first location for the food emporium. 

Then there’s the Park Theater where you and over 5,000 others can enjoy performances by A-list artists. Park MGM also comprises a classic casino and the European-inspired, elegant NoMad Las Vegas hotel on its upper floors.

  1. Honeymoon in Mauritius

You’ll definitely want to add this site to your summer vacation plan. The tropical gem of Mauritius is popular amongst honeymooners. This top summer destination is famous for its lagoons, crystal clear reefs, and beaches.

Hike in Black River Gorges National Park, walk undersea in Ile Aux Cerfs, and snorkel in Flic-en-Flac. Then, shop like the locals and visit the famous Casela Nature Park, Tamarind Falls, Rochester Falls, Crocodile and Giant Tortoises Park.

  1. Fall in love With Paris, France

If you visit Paris during the summertime, you’ll have a great chance to enjoy the sun. This is because a lot of the city residents leave during summer so you can take their place in the parks, streets, and cafes.

Tour one of the world’s most-visited monuments — the symbolic 324-meters high Eiffel Tower, whose ascent offers a magnificent view of Paris. Also, visit the Louvre Museum, the world’s most-visited art museum. Finally, shop with many luxury brands, including Louis Vuitton, Montblanc, Guerlain, and Cartier.

Start on Your Summer Vacation Plan Now

Summer is known for perfect climates and amazing adventures. Before you come up with a summer vacation plan, think about what scenery you’d like to be around. This list has hopefully given you some diverse ideas for where you could take you and your family.

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