Men, Here’s How to Create a Daily Hair Routine

Everyday Style Tips for Men hair | Men, Here’s How to Create a Daily Hair Routine | Looking for a simple but powerful hair routine you’ll actually stick with? No matter your hair type, check out these easy tips for a good hair day everyday.

Are you looking to improve your daily hair routine? 

For men, hair is an important part of their appearance. Thus, it’s often a feature we almost always style the most in various lengths, cuts, and more.

However, we also need to take care of our hair and our scalp. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the most important hair care tips. Take a page from our book and apply it to your typical hair care routine to better care for your hair.

  1. Start With the Basics: Grab Quality Hair Products

For our first and most important hair care tips, get natural hair products. Right now and forever, you want to stick to natural hair products made for men. This includes shampoo, conditioner, and so on.

Your natural shampoo needs to be clarifying and gentle. It’s also better if it’s full of nourishing ingredients to help strengthen your hair and improve strand thickness. Find shampoos with ingredients like hydrolyzed wheat protein, Vitamin E, and rich in amino acids.

It’s also important that you get a conditioner for your hair. Conditioner is different from shampoo in that it won’t lather as much. Its goal is to nourish and moisturize your hair and scalp.

If you’re the guy who styles his hair with gels and waxes, avoid products with strong chemicals. Other than cause dryness and damage, they can even cause dandruff. The best natural product you can get for your hair is a natural wax pomade for men.

  1. Avoid Daily Hair Wash

Did you know that you shouldn’t take full baths every day? We’re not saying to skip the shower after going to the gym or in the morning before going to work. If you need to scrub off unwanted oils and sweat from your body, do it.

However, you need to limit your hair washes. The best time to do it is only twice or thrice per week. This way, you don’t overwash it.

If you must wash your hair daily, avoid using the shampoo often. Remember, your hair needs natural oils to stay hydrated and protected. Washing it out with chemicals daily dries up your hair.

Shampoo your hair twice or thrice a week at most. It’s even better if you use natural shampoo for men. If you have thick and very oily hair, then you can adjust your shampooing to daily.

  1. Be Gentle With Your Hair 

Speaking of showers, what do you often do after you shower? Often, we look for the towel and use it to scrub our hair dry. Some even grab a hairdryer and blow-dry their hair for easier and quicker styling.

What if we told you that this kind of routine damages your hair? As much as possible, you want to treat your hair with utmost gentleness. If you handle it with harshness, you’re likely to cause hair to break and fall.

Remember, hair fall or hair loss is normal. Every day, we shed 50 to around 100 strands of hair. There’s no reason to increase this number and cause hair to fall out of turn.

In men’s hair care, if you must use a towel, pat your hair dry with it. If you must use a blow-dryer, avoid using it every time you get out of the shower. It’s useful when you’re running late for something, but air-drying your hair is the best way for your daily routine.

  1. Avoid Too Much Heat

You’ll notice this point aligns with the previous one about men’s hair. When you’re late for a meeting, blow-dry your hair. When you do, use the lower heat setting.

This also applies to showers. You can have as many hot showers as you want. We know how it especially feels great after an intense physical workout or a tiring day at work.

However, it’s best to keep the hot water below your neck. Wash your hair with warm water if you must wash it. This way, you lessen breakage and exposure.

If you often jog in the day or walk to and from work, stay under the shade. Too much sun exposure is harmful, not only to our skin but also to our hair. If you must work under the sun, use natural products that help protect your hair from the sun’s UV rays.

  1. Style With Care

There’s a reason why men with low-maintenance hairstyles feel great about their hair. This is because it’s the best hair care type. It saves you a lot of time while you still look good.

Plus, low-maintenance hairstyles don’t need as much attention to detail or hair products. This is why black men grooming routines often are some of the easiest to follow and maintain. They use the least products and often take little effort to clean.

After you fix your hair with styling product, run a comb through it. This way, the product gets distributed throughout the hair. If your natural hair is kinky or curly, you can skip the combing process since combing it can cause frizzy hair.

  1. Get the Right Tools 

If you’re coming from a family with male pattern baldness, no doubt you’ll be styling your hair as much as you can while you still have it. Or you take meticulous care for it before it all goes away someday.

Whether you see a bald future ahead, it’s wise to include quality equipment in your hair routine. Invest in quality tools for your hair as you would for your car or your house. Buy a wide-toothed comb or hairbrush with natural bristles, for example.

  1. Tight Hats Have to Go

Women who wear tight ponytails develop traction alopecia. Men have their bane as well. These are using hats that are too tight.

Traction alopecia is a form of hair loss caused by pulling applied to the hair. Wearing tight hats can put a pulling force on your hair and cause you to develop the condition.

If you want to avoid this, get hats that aren’t too tight. Better yet, avoid wearing them outside of winter. 

Follow the Right Hair Routine

Your hair is essential to creating first impressions. It’s in your best interest to take good care of it. Remember these tips and you will see an improvement in your hair’s and scalp’s health.

Now you know how men can improve their daily hair routine. We hope you learned a lot from this guide on hair care. If you want to read more about hair care, check out our other posts here now!