Men’s Wedding Rings -All You Need to Know

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WorldExecutivesDigest | Men’s Wedding Rings -All You Need to Know | Again, wedding bells are ringing like they always do. And somehow, people see exchanging rings and vows as a wedding tradition. Like, what spices up the joining of your favorite people like when they exchange rings as a sign of their love? Indeed, not so many things come close.

Yet, it is sad that many people pay less attention to men’s wedding rings. But it shouldn’t be so. Since the man will wear them forever, you have to invest in choosing those rings. And no, not any ring will do.

Perhaps, the first thing to debunk about men’s wedding rings is that men only want a bland metal they can wear sometimes. But that is not true. So men need cute wedding bands too? Sure! 

But, if choosing the best wedding ring for your man is a problem, rest assured that you are in the right place. At the end of this article, you will know all you need to know about men’s wedding rings.

Important Facts You Must Know About Men’s Wedding Rings

Here are the 4 most important things to know about men’s wedding rings.

1. Unless They State Otherwise, Most Men Prefer Simple

Many women prefer glittering diamond-cut engagement rings or wedding rings. Yet, it most times doesn’t go the same way for men. Unless they say otherwise, most men would want a simple band for their wedding. 

That the men’s choice for wedding rings is simple doesn’t mean any bland metal will do. Likewise, that a wedding ring is simple doesn’t mean it shouldn’t have its touch of uniqueness and class. 

Some elegant and simple wedding rings you should look out for include:

  • The classic traditional wedding ring. This ring seems to have the hearts of many men, and there’s no asking why. Not only is it simple, but it is also classic. Those made of quality metals are less likely to wear out too.
  • Curved or dome-shaped rings. These rings are classy and famous, like the classic rings. The key difference is the curved edges which give the ring a dome-like appearance. 

In addition, the slight curving eases the removal. That is, you can slip the rings out and slip them right on without stress. 

  • Flat rings. These rings are flat on all sides.
  • Gems at the edges. Rings laced with diamonds are good options to consider. 

If you or your man want a bit of shine, it would be great if you got a ring with diamonds lining the edges. Little diamonds attached to the metal band, whether natural or lab-grown, make one of the most beautiful wedding rings. A simple and attractive yet, classic option if you ask me.

2. Men’s Rings May Cost More

Yes, men’s rings may cost more than what you are familiar with. But why do men’s rings cost more? The fingers’ width. The fingers of an average man are bigger and longer than an average woman. 

This means men usually need bigger rings. And because they need bigger rings, they use more precious metal in making them. This means a hike in the price, regardless of both coming in similar designs. 

So, before you waltz into the store of a renowned jeweler, it would do you good if you prepped enough. Have a budget and spare in case. Check the diamond price chart if you prefer a diamond ring. If the price of a natural diamond is way beyond your budget, a lab-grown diamond will suffice. Lab-grown diamonds do not look different from natural ones.

Also, it would help if you don’t forget that the quality determines the price. So, the higher the quality of the ring, the higher you’ll pay.

3. Know the Different Ring Metals Too

Though men prefer something simple, no one style fits all. Hence, you have to know the kind of metal you are settling for. Popular men’s wedding ring metal you can find in a jewelry store include:

  • White gold, which is a precious metal. White gold rings are a bit expensive, yet, easy to resize. But before you go for white gold bands, it would help to remember that they are prone to wear from scratches. Also, some people are allergic to white gold rings as they contain nickel. But overall, they are one of the best quality metal bands.
  • Platinum metal is durable and less prone to dents. Though more expensive than average, one of the best features of platinum is that it is hypoallergenic.
  • Palladium has similar features to white gold. The good thing is that it doesn’t cause as many allergic reactions since there’s no nickel. 
  • Titanium and tungsten are the most common and modern kinds of wedding bands. They look as elegant as any classic ring should. They are the least expensive, too, so you may want to go for them if you are on a slim budget. 

Yet, you must know that they are impossible to resize. Aside from this, they are prone to scratches and dents. This goes to say that in a few years, they wouldn’t look as good as they once did if you wore them often.

It is always better you go for those rings that are easy to resize. That way, you don’t need to buy another wedding ring until you want to.

4. Know the Ring Finishing

The ring finishing is as important as the style or type of metal. While a metal promises to last long, the finishing helps it last longer, as it should or not.

The types of ring finishing you will find include:

  • High polish finishing, which has a shining and smooth finish. High-polished rings shine bright whether there are stones on them or not.
  • The matte ring finish looks rough. It looks as though they ran a paintbrush over it. However, they may last longer if you carry them.
  • Combination finishing shows a balance between the features of high polished finishing and matte. 
  • Hammered rings look like they were hand-made. They show details and have more texture. You can even have your details personalized in them.

Final Thoughts

Not all men would want the glitter of studded diamond solitaire rings. Yet, that doesn’t mean they want something of lesser quality. 

So if you are choosing a wedding ring for a man, you need to put in the energy and time to select a good one. By the way, no one would resist not having a ring laced with diamonds somehow.