Minecraft Mods: How To Install On Different Platforms

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WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Minecraft Mods: How To Install On Different Platforms | Minecraft players do not like being asked what they can and can’t create in their blocky, immersive sandbox. The all-time top-selling game, the popular title, probably won’t go anywhere soon. 

It is as weird as it is compelling, with incredibly interactive gameplay and enhancements that lead to an explosion of improvements that took its success in any range of ways. Luckily, the virtuous Minecraft society has been cranking out a fair proportion of mods since the release of the game in 2009, although with growing difficulty and Lego-like affection with each update. 

minecraft modsAnd thanks to a couple of personalized mod launchers, it has never been simple to begin utilizing them. Here is our tutorial on how to install Minecraft mods on different devices that you have.

How To Install Mods With Your Mac Or Windows

There are a variety of methods on how to install mods on Minecraft with your PC. However, the simplest and most common approach involves an app named Forge. This is how it works:

  • Go to Forge’s official site and install the suggested software package. You may even update the new edition of Forge. However, there might be some unanswered glitches that will hinder your capacity to navigate certain mods properly.
  • Download the mods that you would wish to install from a credible source. CurseForge is a famous spot with tons of fantastic modes. Quick thought — not all mods are aligned with all variants of Minecraft, or even Forge. Ensure you do some homework on the particular mod you are fascinated in to figure out whether it’s compatible with your program.
  • Relocate the file to the Minecraft album. If you need assistance with this stage, please visit this reference, which will demonstrate how to identify files on your pc.
  • Run Minecraft, however, first, ensure your Forge acct is active. If you don’t, it won’t load appropriately.

That is it! As we stated, there are several other mod builders on the net aside from Forge — including the LiteLoader — then you can still browse around if you don’t want everything it has to give. That said, it is the most famous for a reason, and most of the latest mods are generally compatible with the operating system.

How To Install Minecraft Mods On Playstation 4 And Xbox One

Sadly, there are no advanced updates for Minecraft on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. Gamers have access to add-ons conversely. Compared to mods, these are not free and are very limited compared to PC mods. They are definitely better than nothing, though, and they are extremely easy to install.

  • To buy an add-on, just load Minecraft on your device and go to the “Store” option.
  • After this, could you make your choice and check it out. It is currently available for use.

How To Install Minecraft Mods On Android Or iOs

Just the same as console games, Minecraft’s portable versions do not allow certain mods. Fortunately, there is still a means to get add-ons through using third-party applications called PE Mods, BlockLauncher, and Minecraft Add-ons.

Android only

  • Download BlockLauncher in the Play Store.
  • To set up the app to your device, follow the instructions stated.
  • Download Minecraft PE Plugins from the  Play Store.
  • Check or click through a hundred plugins before you locate the one you want.
  • Install it, and it must be adapted to your game instantly.

iOS and Android

  • Install Minecraft add-ons
  • Follow the essential on-screen guide for selecting and installing it.

Modifying your game is simpler now than it has been in the past. Taking a few seconds out of your free time to test out all the great fresh features accessible for Minecraft — we are sure you’ll find one that’s going to grab your attention.


Review this summary of hazardous and illegal ones on Github when you discover a Minecraft mod site you are not confident about. The list is not comprehensive. However, if the website appears on it, you are better off going for the mod you would like elsewhere.

Some other great idea before downloading it is to search for YouTube videos.   It enables you to know what it looks like in reality, verify that there is no excessive profanity, and confirm that it is absolutely genuine.