Moving into a New Home – 7 Tips

Moving into a New Home | Moving into a New Home – 7 Tips | Moving is an essential part of life. Remember the first move out of your home for college? Yes, that was very emotional, leaving behind parents and going to a new place to live by yourself. Then again, a couple of years down the line, you have to move for your first job. If you just started a family, then looking for a family home is just as important. So don’t be sad by the prospect of leaving your house behind. Moving your home comes with exciting possibilities. If you want to make sure that the new chapter in your life starts with a bang, we have put together some tips to ensure you settle into your new home quickly.

The following are the seven essential tips to moving into a new home:

  1. Do A Complete Walkthrough 

There is no better time to do a walkthrough than with an empty house. Before unpacking, or even moving your belongings to the new place, do a detailed walkthrough of the area. You want to make sure that the previous owner has done all the repairs they promised. Secondly, confirm if all the sales pitch elements are present and in a good state. Third, check all the hardware, such as faucets, fans, lights, and switches, to see if they are working correctly. An overall inspection will allow you to take notes about what changes are required.

  1. Update Your Flooring 

If you got a place with perfect carpets or floors, lucky you. But mostly, when you move into a preowned home, the carpets are worn out, and the kitchen floors have chipped tiles. It is better to update your flooring before you move all the belongings into your new home.

Consider renting an affordable self storage unit to store your boxes and furniture until the floors are updated. That way, you won’t have to drag heavy boxes and risk breaking fragile items while installing new carpets or tiles.

  1. Child/Pet-Proof Your Home

If you moved to a new place because of family, have an infant, or a pet, consider childproofing or pet-proofing the area before bringing everyone else home. You can install some quick set-ups like separations, a safe place to discard material, and door and window proofing. Moving is a difficult time for a child or a furry little friend as they may get into accidents or play with things they aren’t supposed to. To prevent that, install child safety locks on the cabinets, plug protectors on the electrical sockets, and doorknob covers on all doors. That way, you can make the unpacking process more comfortable.

  1. Change The Locks 

Even if the contractor or previous owner assured you that the set of keys they gave you is the only set, change all the locks on all doors immediately. You can never be sure about who has access to your house. So make a timely schedule with the locksmith to come by and change your locks. It will ensure the security of your home, and you can have a piece of mind.

  1. Set A Closet System 

Organizing your new home will feel great if you have the tools to manage your closet space. Install extra drawers, floating shelves, and hanging organizers in your closet for better organization. This way, you won’t have to take out all your clothes and belongings if you decide that you don’t like the messy closet anymore. You can hire professional subcontractors to install all these fittings for you. These experts can also give you tips for a better closet organization.

  1. Get Some Electrical Upgrades

It is nice to have all the lights in working condition, but better if you upgrade them. If you bought a state of the art home, then you have nothing to worry about. But older houses can have old fittings that can be an electrical hazard. If nothing else, older electrical equipment consumes more electricity. So if you want to save money in the long run, get timely electrical upgrades with LED light bulbs and energy-saving space heaters.

  1. Set Up Your Utilities

You don’t want to move-in at your new place and then find out that you have to resume the gas and water connection. Take care of these matters before you move into your new home. Make sure that your gas, water, and electricity connections are resumed when you move in. And if you genuinely want to get comfortable, set up your internet connection as well.


A new home is a fresh start in your life. You get to relocate and meet with so many new possibilities. Moreover, don’t feel shy to ask your best friend for help. With better organization and making a proper checklist beforehand, you can enjoy your new home without getting frustrated over petty issues.