– Top blog for small business and tech categories for guest posts in 2020

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Negosentro is among the top blogs for small business and technology that accepts guest posts. | As one of the leaders and top blogs for small business and tech for guest posting, Negosentro has expanded its network of niche content sites for 2020.

Founded in 2011 by Homer Nievera, a former print executive turned columnist and publisher, the first Asian blogazine (a magazine-styled blog) for small business was created as a collection of contributed and curated content for entrepreneurs and would-be entrepreneurs. had a mission to share ideas and insights on how to grow their enterprise. In 2019, it was voted as the Top 4 marketing blog in the Philippines by Feedspot, based on its reach, niche and searchability. It’s MOZ score hovers between 36 and 40 which allows it an excellent rating for SEO-centric content. That is why Negosentro is popular among many of the top SEO companies and digital agencies in the world.

From Day 1, has opened its doors to contributed content across the globe where it is now read in more than 180 countries. In fact, there are non-English content on the site that have English translations (as a requirement). Its feature on the first Filipino tech billionaire in Silicon Valley, Dado Banatao, got picked up for Wikipedia, for being the first blogazine to profile Banatao when many Filipinos have not even come to know about him.

During the birth of tech startups in Asia, Negosentro was the first to report on the ups and downs of these companies. When newbie blogs started to follow suit, Negosentro went back to its how-to content that has by then, expanded to include many more categories brought about the by startup companies it was helping. These categories included food, health, auto, gadgets, gaming and travel. As a solution, Negosentro spun off the various categories into new blogs (or blogazines). These blogs, which are now also top-rating in the world and in Southeast Asia include the likes of: is now a content network that owns and co-manages sites as well. The likes of is a co-managed effort.

“When I started with Negosentro, I knew then that the content portals like Yahoo were going to be extinct. I saw the surging trend of the “Me Society” which meant that the newer generations were looking for niche content that were not hosted in portals,” explained Nievera.

Nievera said that since blogs were driving Google’s search traffic, he went on to coin the term “blogazine” to give a sexy niche to Negosentro’s category. He added that, “Having come from the magazine or print industry, I still wanted to attract advertisers who were still transitioning to digital. I didn’t want to isolate them. But I guess in 2011 up to 2015, the concept was still novel.”

Admittedly, Nievera says that his blogazine network is still novel at this period especially in his native country, the Philippines. He established when he was in the bay area (of San Francisco) in the United States, wherein he established a tech business. Going on its tenth year, Nievera exclaims, “My contributors are global, mostly from Europe, Australia, Nortn America and India. This gets to show that Southeast Asia hasn’t really picked up the pace in terms of guest postings that are essential for their SEO.”

According to Nievera, guest post contributors from Southeast Asian countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, and Thailand have already started to establish relationships with the Negosentro Blog Network, their content are still mostly PR. Hong Kong and China have picked up on the guest posting concept since 2018 wherein contributors from PR and SEO agencies have established relationships with Negosentro and its affiliate blogazines.

Hopefully, Nievera states, “The Philippines will understand this concept and that my other business on content writing and SEO will pick up locally.”

In 2020, expect a surge in demand for guest postings in Negosentro’s bailiwicks of small business and tech categories — in Southeast Asia and more particularly, the Philippines.

Joanna Collins is a guest writer for World Executives Digest.