Networking: What it Really Is and How to Be Good at It (Infographic)

World Executives DigestNot so long ago, before social media sites and dot-coms explode in popularity, people rely on face to face interaction and phone to expand their network. But despite the technological shift, networking still requires the same premises as it has decades ago: finding the right people, joining the right groups and event, and participating the right conversations.

Networking is a useful technique for those who want to find great opportunities. However, one can only maximize its use once they fully understand what it truly means and how it works. Thankfully, this infographic from Phil. Exeq provides us the true definition of networking and several actionable ways to execute it. Here is the summary from the infographic.

What is Networking? Networking means establishing a relationship and promoting continued interaction with relevant people that can help you achieve your goal much faster and more efficiently.

Tips for a better networking:

  • Have the right mindset. You will never be able to achieve your goal if you would always prioritize your needs and never think about the needs of the people you network with.
  • If you truly want to connect with people that have wide-ranging connections, identify their needs and find ways to help them address it.
  • The best people to network with doesn’t have to be the one who has a fancy job title or highest salary. Make sure that you meet as many people as you can focus in order to find valuable contacts.
  • Knowing exactly what you can offer can help you be more confident in connecting with potential contacts.

  • Have a consistent schedule. Be persistent in finding new contacts, help them, and don’t forget to communicate your goals effectively.

To know more, check the infographic below.