Nifty Tricks to Help You Pick a Dining Set

Nifty Tricks to Help You Pick a Dining Set

WED | Nifty Tricks to Help You Pick a Dining Set | Whether you are moving to a new home and buying a new dining table or renovating to finally upgrade the decrepit hand-me-down-from-mom that you’ve been eating on for many years, you’re definitely in for some fun dining set shopping! The market is packed with so many designs you can choose from.

It can be a tad overwhelming and confusing because there are so many options. How do you choose the right dining set? To help you narrow things down, below are five nifty tricks to help you pick an awesome dining set. This matters because your dining area is where many of your family meals and memories shall be made. Let’s get to the topic!

Choose Something a Tad Bigger 

Usually, people stick to a smaller dining set, believing that’s all they will ever need because they don’t use the dining room much, or they only have two adults and a baby. 

However, do keep in mind that you will most likely be inviting guests from time to time so go a tad bigger than you think is necessary. Besides, if you have a dining room that can fit a bigger table, it will look very sad and empty. Even if you try to add plants, shelving, or carts, space will still look inadequate like it’s missing something. 

Measure and Leave Clearance Space

In the same token, if you are dealing with space issues, cramming a dining table that’s too big for your floor area will make the space look cluttered. The key is to measure and compare actual sizes! 

Most interior designers abide by the three feet rule. This means you must keep an approximate three feet of space behind the chairs to accommodate room for you and the other seating occupant to sit or stand up from the table. 

Pick a Round to Maximize Space

If you have a very tight dining area in a small condo, go with a round as these tables offer excellent compact use of a tiny area. Round tables generally have smaller “footprints” than a square or rectangle table. 

Use around for a tiny corner as there won’t be restricting angles to contend with. Round tables are also great if you have an in-kitchen dining, open-concept floor plan, or a breakfast nook.

Consider a Glass Table

A glass table often creates an illusion of space because the see-through material doesn’t cut your vision and opens up space. It is great to have in a dark apartment with limited windows. Glass makes things feel light and airy because it opens up your space. 

Do keep in mind that this will require a bit more maintenance than wood! You have to watch out for those dreaded smudges and streaks. Keeping a glass cleaner will help you keep it in tip-top shape. With a glass table, pair it with a nice centrepiece and funky chairs to make a bold statement. 

Go Play with Metals

Finally, don’t fall into the belief that you can only choose traditional wood for your dining area. Play around with metallics like iron, gold, brass, or silver. These elements stand strong and offer a touch of class. Best of all, they match well with any kind of colour or design pattern. 

You can rest assured that your brass table legs will pair fabulously with your dining room wallpaper. Try mixing your metals too because you don’t want to be too matchy-matchy! When it comes to designing your dining area, let your creative juices flow.