Offered a New Job? Here are 5 Things to Consider

Offered a New Job? Here are 5 Things to Consider Coping With Job Loss: Valuable Advice To Move Forward How to Prevent Post-Pandemic Staff Losses Five Mistakes While Job Hunting

WorldExecutivesDigest | Offered a New Job? Here are 5 Things to Consider | Being offered a job is super exciting, especially if you’re been looking for a while and even more so if it’s a position that you know you would love. However, your dream job at a great company might look perfect in theory, but there’s always a lot to consider.

Factors like pay, location and the expectations placed on you can really impact your quality of life and if you’re not being treated the way you deserve, you may end up resenting the job.

Here are some important things to look at before you say “yes” and sign on the dotted line.

Nature of the Contract

First of all, you want to make sure that you have the offer in writing before you agree to anything. You’ll need to read through the contract carefully to understand your roles and responsibilities, where you’ll be working, how much is expected of you, and other important factors related to the position.

If you’re in the area, reach out to Irvine labor lawyers to assist you in reading through your employment contract before signing it. Getting this help from a professional can help you identify potential issues.


Of course, you want to make sure that you will be paid enough. Consider your living expenses and the minimum amount you need to earn in order to make ends meet. Ideally, you’d want your salary to be at least slightly more than this amount in order to account for things like savings, emergencies and enjoying some of your hard-earned cash too.

You’ll also want to check out when you will be paid each month and how, what tax deductions will look like, etc.

Benefits, Incentives and Bonuses

Ideally, a contract of employment will come with some added benefits like a retirement fund, life cover, health insurance, a company car, or even training or further education.

If you’re not happy with the benefits offered in your contract, you could always try to negotiate with your future employer to see whether they would accept any of your requests or take your ideas on board. Of course, you don’t want to be greedy, but find out what extra benefits you might be able to get.

Working Hours

Being overworked is one of the major reasons people leave their jobs. Make sure that the working hours stipulated in your contract are reasonable and find out whether you will be paid extra for overtime work.

Also, consider whether or not the job will expect you to travel often or work irregular hours.


Finally, remember to check out how much leave you have – sick leave, annual leave, emergency leave, etc. Taking time off work is crucial for your mental health, emotional well-being and even your productivity in the workplace.

Being denied time off work and never catching a break will leave you stressed, exhausted and unmotivated in both your work and personal life, so make sure that you’re allocated enough time off in the year.