Online Safety Tips: How to Fight Back Against a Cyberstalker

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Image Credit : | Online Safety Tips: How to Fight Back Against a Cyberstalker | Cyberstalking is a criminal offense. There are tips you can use to avoid it happening to you, but if it does happen- there are steps to help fight back.

Each year, more than 1 million women and around 370,000 men are cyberstalked. When someone takes the time to go out of their way to follow you or keep up with you in other ways, it makes you start to wonder. What is this person capable of?

How much information does this person have on me? How do you keep yourself safe? These are just a few of the many questions you most likely have running through your mind. 

Although stalking of any sort will raise these questions, cyberstalking raises these questions and much more. When someone is stalking you online, you then have to think about all social media platforms and the possibility of being hacked. Even though it’s done online and not in person, cyberstalking is still a crime, and you should know how to legally fight back.

Continue reading below for everything you need to know about stopping a cyberstalker in their tracks!

Complete Your Own Self Research

The internet is a scary place without needing to get into topics of cyberstalkers. It’s a never-ending pit of information about anything, everything, and everyone. If someone is stalking you online, you need to complete your own self-research.

Head to a search engine and type in your name. What information are you given? See what you can find about yourself on the internet and then understand that this is all information given to your stalker as well. 

If your phone number is visible on any of your social media accounts, to a reverse phone lookup on yourself as well. What information does your phone number give about you? If you find something that’s concerning, begin to take the steps to remove this information from the internet. 

Change Your Privacy Settings

Cyberstalkers tend to stalk their prey on various social media accounts. How many social media accounts do you own? Take a few moments to write down each account.

Then, go through your list, visiting each platform, and change your privacy settings. Make all of your profiles and accounts private. You can then take it a step further by learning about all the safety and privacy features each platform offers. 

Take the steps necessary to make your accounts as secure as possible. 

Report Suspicious Activity

If someone is stalking you from an account of their own, even if it’s a fake one, you need to report it. You can report their account and give the reason why as well. You should then block the account, which will stop this person from messaging or contacting you in any way. 

With your account private, they won’t be able to view your profile unless you accept them as a friend. To prevent this from happening, only accept people you know. If you’ve taken all of these steps and the issue continues, then it’s time to report it to the police. 

Keep Records of EVERYTHING

To prove you’re being stalked, you need to keep records of everything. All messages, conversations, friend requests, and anything else you have should be kept in a file. 

You can take screenshots and print them out or have your phone company print out phone records for you. The more proof you have, the better. Be sure to keep everything in a safe location, off the internet. 

Use a binder with dividers if possible. 

Inform Friends and Family

Your family and friends could be providing your stalker with information about yourself and your whereabouts. You need to inform your friends and family about the current situation. Ask them to not share any public photos with you in them and locations tagged.

Your stalker could be quietly following your friends and family pages as well to see if they post anything about you on them. If possible, have them make all of their profiles private as well. They can also block the stalker if you have the stalker’s account. 

Remind them not to accept anyone they don’t know either. 

Bring Your Phone to a Professional

If you believe your phone has been hacked in any way, then you can take it to a professional to have it looked at. Any signs of spyware or hacked accounts will be picked up by the professional who can then advise you on the next steps to take. 

If a professional does see signs of a hacker, then be sure to have the professional write a statement for you to use as more evidence. 

Hire the Right Lawyer

Cyberstalking cases can be tricky at times. How can you prove that the same person is creating multiple accounts to follow you on? How to cyberstalking laws differ from regular stalking laws?

That’s where a good lawyer comes into play. Electronic harassment lawyers have knowledge about cyberstalking and all the laws surrounding it. Be sure to find a reputable lawyer and then ask as many questions as you’d like. 

You should also provide your lawyer with all of the evidence you’ve collected against the cyberstalker. With lots of proof and a good lawyer by your side, you’ll have enough to fight back against this criminal. 

When It Comes to Cyberstalking, You Must Put Your Foot Down

Don’t let a cyberstalker get away with stalking you for the simple fact that it’s being done online and not in person. Cyberstalking is just as dangerous as regular stalking and oftentimes leads to physical stalking.

Use this guide to put a stop to your cyberstalkers ways today!

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