Only in Norway: Startup event with extreme sports comes right to your home office

Only in Norway: Startup event with extreme sports comes right to your home office 2020 - World Executives Digest

World Executives Digest| Only in Norway: Startup event with extreme sports comes right to your home office | Join Startup Extreme for a two-day conference in the beautiful scenery of Voss, Norway: You will get to hear speakers talk about wellness, problem-solving, pitching techniques – or perhaps you are more interested in trying out a Minecraft version of the Norwegian town.

Among Startup Extreme’s attractions you can enjoy, there will be the slow-cooking of ‘smalahovud’ (hint: it’s a sheep’s head), pre-recorded extreme sports activities, and 100 startups pitches by Norwegian founders. Other features of Startup Extreme include Voss in Minecraft: Experience a block-based replica of the real-life town in Norway.

There are only a few days to go before the Startup Extreme conference once again returns to the Norwegian town Voss — for the sixth year in a row. The Startup Extreme team have decided on doing a live TV production of the event, making it the first globally exposed Startup Extreme ever.

The ambition of Startup Extreme is to bring the attendants truly valuable networking and learning opportunities — a promise and ideal we are committed to even during the Covid-19 restrictions on travelling and events.

“Startup Extreme has the ambition to showcase and connect the Norwegian startup scene to the world. This year we are reaching out to engage with as many other countries as possible to create new connections and opportunities together for founders around the globe.” Startup Extreme founder, Maja Adriaensen

And we haven’t even mentioned the networking you will get to do: Startup Extreme is well-known for creating an environment where you can approach anyone, even the most famous Silicon Valley founders and investors.

Among the highlights of the Startup Extreme lineup, there are names such as Connor Swenson (formerly Google, now certified teacher at SIYLI), the Silicon Valley personalities Sheel Mohnot, Tyler MacNiven, and Chris Lindland, and Malin Kjällström and Elina Åkerlind (Gothenburg Tech Week). Heini Zachariassen from Vivino will also join the live stream to mentor selected startups, and Davida Ginter from Ekindle Global will speak about how to avoid burnouts: All of this against the beautiful backdrop of Voss’ nature. 

“If you haven’t visited Norway yet, this is the chance to get a sneak peak of everything Norway can offer to prepare for a physical visit in 2021. Fjords, nature, and a deep dive into the Norwegian startup ecosystem with investors, hot startups, community players and one of the top governments in the world supporting startups in Norway.”  Startup Extreme founder, Maja Adriaensen

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Dates: 22. June & 23.June

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