An Open Letter to Express Courier Guys

express courier guys

Today, I received an online order on time.


The first thing I thought about was, “Which courier company delivered my items?” I was a bit surprised to see my items on my doorstep when I expected that it would arrive in the next two days.


It has been my impression on express courier companies and delivery guys that I wouldn’t really have to expect an order on the indicated or expected date of delivery. I understand that you’ve got a lot of stuff to deliver, but shouldn’t customer service be a priority, too?


It was chaos during my first time to send a package to my mom back in the province. I’m not sure if this happens to every drop-off branch, but I’m pretty sure that I won’t ever go back to that branch. Anyway, the staff said my mom would receive it in 3 days or more since the destination not within the metro. I gave my mom the details including the reference number and the expected date of arrival of the package since I chose the door-to-door delivery. And true to what most people say, my mom received the package two days after that date. The express courier guys who brought the package simply said they couldn’t find our house.


I got annoyed of that simple excuse but it seemed like something stopped me from sending a report to the courier’s management.


As an employee who earns just enough for my needs, I guess express courier guys are just as same. If you would accept my apology for the rant I posted on Facebook about your company, thank you. It was selfish for me to do such because I have never thought about how reasonable your situation was. You’ve got so much pressure with all of the stuff piled inside your truck that you sometimes panic and pick up the wrong box, or maybe turn the wrong way. Add to that is the heavy traffic everywhere (literally), right? Well, I guess express courier guys like you still use Google Maps or Waze, right? Not everything’s right about these navigation apps, so I understand how difficult it is for you to locate an address which you’ve only visited for the second time.


We all have 24 hours a day but I guess you guys make it seem like 25, or maybe 30, for you to be able to deliver everything, or maybe almost everything. For that, thank you. I may be just one of the many who have given you stress when I complain about your service, but may this letter make them realize that you, too, are humans.