Parenting trends in 2022: top 6 tips you should know

Parenting trends in 2022: top 6 tips you should know
Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels

WorldExecutivesDigest | Parenting trends in 2022: top 6 tips you should know | Individual approach in parenting is quite common in anglophone countries, and Australia is certainly one of them. Kids get everything they need, but they don’t grow to be dependent on their parents but are rather taught to take care of themselves. Good discipline and respect are very important as well.  Moms and dads are there for their kids in equal measure. Following this approach in parenting, there are some parenting trends in 2022 that could be discussed, and we will mention some of them. 

1. Being a good authority for your kid

Parents shouldn’t be either too indulgent or too authoritarian. Too indulgent means you let your children do whatever they want, which can later lead them to poor self-control in many aspects of their personal life. On the other hand, being too authoritarian implies too many restrictions, which can make your children frustrated and rebellious as a result. Natural and balanced parental authority is a healthy trend that will bring a lot of emotional support to your children, but at the same time, it will establish some boundaries in the parent-child relationship. One example of this would be the safety issues, especially in big cities, and Australia has several metropolises, so this can apply. If you have a teenager who wants to go out and socialize, you might be scared of the dangerous things that lure them out there. However, if you don’t allow your teenager to go out, you will deprive them of building a good social life, which can leave some consequences later. It is far better to let them go out but to talk about all the possible dangers and how to prevent them. Besides, prohibiting something usually makes it more desirable in a teenager’s mind.

2. Getting support from grandparents

By this, we imply that you, a millennial parent will probably get some support from your parents. Millennials are the generation where both parents are employed in the majority of the cases, and in a first-world country like Australia, this is even more common. Having a busy day-to-day life, short maternity leaves compared to some other countries, and high living standards imply that you need some help when it comes to babysitting, among other things. Many people will just arrange something with their parents, who are usually retired and have time to spend with their grandchildren. While this is a trend that has become quite normal, try to be a bit more undertaking with your parents in 2022. They need some time for themselves, so some emotional support from them is welcome, but make sure you don’t take advantage of their generosity. 

3. Breastfeeding is popular again

We’re not saying that breastfeeding hasn’t been popular before. However, for some moms, it has been easier to use formula feeding soon after the maternity leave has ended. People are generally embracing natural things more than ever. This includes a healthy diet, natural looks, and in the end, breastfeeding as well. The advantages of breastfeeding are undeniable and some of the most important ones include better protection from infections, a higher survival rate in the first year, and a lower risk of Sudden infant death syndrome. Other than that, the contact during breastfeeding makes your body produce oxytocin, a hormone responsible for creating a strong emotional bond between mom and baby. 

4. Millennial parents are more fashionable

Just remember the hideous haircut your boomer parents made you wear when you were a kid. Or that ugly sweater and slappy trousers. Millennials usually have a collection of photos from their childhood that they would rather burn.  This is probably why they take much more care when it comes to their kids’ appearance. Their kids have nice haircuts and fashionable clothes. This trend will continue in 2022 as well. This is not only a trend dedicated to teenagers or big kids. Baby clothes in Australia are a thing and many parents opt for making their babies fashionable. Other than just clothes, there’s baby equipment, blankets, bassinets, and many other things. 

5. Moms and dad raise children together

The ongoing trend of equality in raising kids is something we all embrace and support. Millennial parents share responsibilities and equally participate in parenting. You can see that from your surroundings, Many men are acting as caregivers or staying at home instead of their wives. This leads to a more balanced parenting style, better marriage, and your kids can learn what a good relationship is. The role of a father that serves as an authoritarian role model and a mother that is kind and indulgent is vanishing. Both parents engage in different activities with both parents and the old model of parenting where dad was there to punish you if you’re mischievous and mom to wipe your nose if you’re ill, is gone. One of the 2022 trends is to listen more and punish less and it applies to both parents.

6. Healthy meals are in

The year 2022 is the year of healthy diet trends and your kids should be involved as well. Make sure you find a suitable book with recipes or a YouTube channel for that matter. Broccoli can be very tasteful if you prepare it in some nonconventional way. Make sure your kids participate in preparing those healthy dishes. This is a great way to teach them how to take care of their diet. 

Parenting trends are prone to charges, but some things remain the same, so make sure you follow them in 2022 as well. Good communication, making a good role model, a healthy diet, and conversation before punishing and restricting your kid in anything, are keys to modern and balanced parenting.  

Photo by Vidal Balielo Jr. from Pexels