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Though we are asked to never judge a book by its cover, the sad reality is that people will judge based on appearance. Many people make assumptions on social status based on looks. They sometimes use the person’s outfit, bag, shoes, or mobile phone to judge them. Culture to culture, people have diverse perceptions of status symbols, but we often tie this to the type of lifestyle someone has. This includes the items a person can afford to own. It can vary from the location of the real estate the person owns to the type of vehicle they drive, but you still need to research a little bit to know these things. One thing that cannot be missed is the type of watch the person wears. Your status can be defined by the type of genuine luxury watch you have on your wrist such as those sold by Tempus Philippines,

Power to Succeed

Every person, old rich or self-made, has stories of how they accomplished their success and climbed up to the top of the career ladder. Something common between them is their smart tactics, their broad connections, as well as their immense hard work and sacrifice. The nitty-gritty of their status is their capacity, knowledge, and will power to succeed.

Owning a premium Swiss-Euro brand of luxury watch has been a status symbol for both men and women. These timepieces are expensive from the get-go and rarely depreciate. Swiss luxury watches offer high-quality designs, impressive movements, and intricate features. They pass through meticulous inspections and have incredibly high standards, and people who wear them have the same type of attention to detail which others can appreciate.

A genuine Swiss-Euro luxury watch speaks volumes of the kind of person the wearer is. The fact that he or she can acquire such a remarkable timepiece shows that a person knows how to do research to discern the genuineness of the timepiece. It is also a way for the person to showcase their sense of style and wealth. Considering the numerous of counterfeits available in the market, it is quite impressive for someone to be able to determine what watch is valuable. Smart buyers purchase only genuine timepieces from authorized dealers such as Tempus Philippines.

Pat on the Back

Motivation is also part of the challenge in attaining success. It is not always a smooth journey. There are times the world is on your shoulder and no one bothers to care. You need to do tasks you may not like, but you must do it because it is part of the requirements for your success. Apart from these, there is also the possibility of intense competition.

You will never always have a mentor or someone to cheer you on. At the end of the day, it is you that will have to encourage yourself. You also cannot expect everyone to be happy for you which means you have to pat your own back. This is also why having a status symbol has a special meaning. They can serve as both a motivation and celebration of an achievement. If an entrepreneur is able to buy a luxury Swiss quartz watch because of their business, then it symbolizes their prowess as an entrepreneur. It is a self-confidence booster, a reminder of what you can do, that is always on you. Apart from that, it can also boost their image when making deals and interfacing with clients.

There are many diverse opinions regarding the meaning of a status symbol and whether it is important, but we also cannot ignore the fact that it is a tangible way to measure a person’s social status. Furthermore, it is also a fact that everyone is entitled to buy what they prefer with their buying power. What is interesting though is where exactly they choose to invest their money, how they assess their properties before buying them. A smart individual will spend money on things that never depreciate or that appreciate over time, such as the Swiss-Euro brands of watches at Tempus Philippines.


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