Photographing Your Children as They Grow

Photographing Your Children as They Grow | Photography is one of the most incredible skills you can enjoy at any time of the day. You won’t miss out on at least one or two photographs that mark memorable moments in every family. Photography is almost everywhere, and everyone embraces it. One of the perfect ways of keeping memories is through photography. Therefore, in most family settings, parents love to honor memories of their growing kids in different ways, and one of the methods is definitely through photographing. You must have probably bumped into an unexpected photo of your childhood memories from your long-forgotten album. If you critically examine the photograph, you can read a few things: it’s quality and all such stuff. As part of, this piece narrows down to helping you as a parent or rather a future parent on how you can take photos of your kids as they grow. Let’s set the ball rolling.   

  • Identify the right time. 

If you have a newborn, you must probably be excited about having a new member in a family. So, you will at least enjoy the moments by capturing photos of your newly born baby boy or girl. You, therefore, need to identify the right time to take such images. One of the moments to take pictures of your newly born baby is within the period of four to five days after birth. It gives you a chance to enjoy one of the best images to feature in your album, memorable moments for the child.    

  • Choose the right outfits and props. 

Once your newly born baby matures into a baby, you will get excited to see him or her moving here and there to pick this and that. You’ll yearn to take photos at this stage and, therefore, the necessity for considering several factors. One of the best approaches to taking pictures is considering better outfits and props. However, you will note that most kids won’t love changing between one cloth to the other. Before taking them better photos, you must consider changing their outfits—cute their pictures by at least incorporating some stylish clothes while avoiding the annoying itchy ones. 

  • Use toys

You’d struggle a lot before your baby faces the camera. However, if you have appropriately mastered what your child loves, you can quickly take the photos with ease. Toys are better tools that will help most babies focus on the camera. A toy helps to grab your child’s attention without looking away unnecessarily. If you plan for a photoshoot, remember to carry along one of the best toys your kid loves. 

  • Allow them to see themselves in the camera. 

If your child has matured to a toddler, then he or she at least understands what happens around them. If you find it more challenging to direct your toddler to focus on the camera, a better approach is to use the camera itself. You can take some pictures of them while they are running, moving or simplify doing something interesting. Giving them a chance to see such photos on the camera sparks their attention and love towards images. The next time you ask them to stand and face the camera, they will already be posing to ensure you take the best pictures of themselves.  

  • Give the toddlers an object to hold 

To maintain your child’s stillness while taking photos, you can consider one of the house’s best objects and give them to hold. You can consider flowers or new toys in such instances. Doing so steals away their attention from various activities that may make them jumpy here and there.

  • Create props together with your child 

You can consider creating props for a photo-taking session together with your child. Doing so engages them in the current situation and prepares them for the entire process—it insights excitement from the upcoming photo session.  

  • Promise them a reward 

If your kid doesn’t want a photo, you can entice them by offering a reward. Doing so may light up their interest in photo-taking and therefore simplify the entire process. 

  • Prepare a canvas print.

You can efficiently conduct the photo-taking session by inviting your kids to prepare a giant canvas print with you. It instills engagement and cooperation, enabling you to take as many of their photos as possible. If you have a teenager, allow them to identify one of their best outfits before going for a photoshoot. An additional expose to posing, and photo-taking tutorials will serve better. You can also advance your child’s love for photos by reassuring them that you won’t show them to friends.  


One excellent way of keeping your child’s memories is taking photos. However, taking pictures for your kids can be a tricky process depending on the child’s age. It is essential to establish some of the best ways of ensuring the success of the photo sessions with your kids. Some of these photographing ways will help you better regardless of your situation.