Planning A Road Trip? Here Are 3 Tips To Stay Safe


World Executive Digest | Planning A Road Trip? Here Are 3 Tips To Stay Safe | Hitting the wide open road is a dream for many people. Those that think the journey is as important as the destination are definitely in that category. There are a lot of places along the way that make a trip memorable and only possible when you travel by car. 

Since driving long distances can be tricky, it will make a road trip much more enjoyable when you are taking the necessary safety precautions. Before you set out on your trip, understand what the potential dangers are and then take measures to prevent them.

In this article, I will go over several tips that will keep you safe on your road trip.

1 – Have a dash cam

Anything can happen on the road and if you have a video record of it from a dash cam you can be sure that you won’t end up on the losing end of an insurance claim. For instance, there are a lot of insurance fraudsters out there that are looking to cause accidents so they can sue you. If it is your word against theirs then you could be in trouble.

When you have a video then you are totally covered. When you are out on the road and far from home, then having to hire a Phoenix Criminal Defense Attorney for instance is something that you really don’t want to have to do.

2 – Take breaks

Remember that the drive is half of the fun and you don’t need to be in a rush. The point is not to make good time, but to have a good time. So, take frequent breaks so you are not driving while fatigued. 

Driving while drowsy is as dangerous as drunk driving. Even just getting out of the car and stretching your legs and going for a meal can be enough to get you back into driving condition. To really be fresh and fit to drive, you should be calling it a night every night at a hotel or motel to make sure you are fully rested. A few hours in a rest area is not going to cut it.

3 – Have an emergency kit

The more you drive, the higher the risk of an accident or even something as simple as a flat tire. Have an emergency kit in your car that includes a spare tire and the tools to change the tire. 

Your kit should have a flashlight, some road flares in case you are stuck in the road, jumper cables and a first aid kit in case of an injury.

It isn’t a bad idea to go even further and have another bag in case of being stranded. If you run off the road in a rural area and your phone is out of order, you may not be seen right away. Having some clean and dry clothes, a blanket and a poncho are great additions to any emergency kit. As would a bottle of water and some snacks to hold you over just in case.