Plummeting Productivity: What Could Possibly Be Distracting Your Employees?

workforce productivity

Workplace distractions come in many forms, but some can have a bigger impact on your business and productivity than others. The worst interruptions and inconveniences can actually cause productivity issues among your employees. Here are just a few of the most common distractions in the workplace and how you can fix them.

Social Media

According to HR Technologist, 88 percent of employees say that social media is their top distraction at work. Whether it’s scrolling through Twitter or checking out new photos on Instagram, they just can’t resist the siren call of their social networks. You’ll need to take certain measures to reduce the amount of time that’s wasted on non-work Internet browsing. For example, you can install site blockers on company computers or ban private smartphone use during the day.

Piping and Plumbing Noises

That clattering boiler could be driving your employees crazy. Thankfully, there are ways to reduce the noise caused by pipes, drains, furnaces and water supply systems. Soundproofing insulation can prevent bangs and hisses from traveling between floors, and new pipework installation can reduce the amount of noise that your building makes in the first place. You might need to spend a little money on renovations, but it’ll be worth it if office productivity goes up.

Chatty Employees

This can be a tricky problem for managers. You want to encourage communication and cooperation between your employees, but you don’t want a Chatty Cathy to ruin the concentration of the entire floor. Your best bet at handling this is to institute an open-door policy with your employees. If they know that they can come to you with complaints about their work environment, you’ll be able to resolve these kinds of interpersonal issues quickly and quietly. However, it won’t happen if the distracted employees are too afraid to speak up.


Unnecessary meetings are more than just a buzzkill: They’re also impacting the efficiency of your employees. More than half of surveyed office workers say that meetings are detrimental to their productivity. They waste time, break focus, divide attention and promote feelings of frustration and resentment. Before you call a meeting in the conference room just to “check up on things,” ask yourself if a quick email will do the same job.

Productivity problems could be costing you a lot of money at the office. If you’re ready to make a change, you’ll need to identify the root causes of employee distractions and how you can resolve them. Only then can you build a well-organized, well-running workplace.