Point of Purchase – Top Benefits of Corrugated Display Stand

Corrugated Display Stand

WorldExecutivesDigest.com | Point of Purchase – Top Benefits of Corrugated Display Stand | Point of Purchase, better known as POP advertising, is one of the major driving forces that help brands to increase their sales significantly. There are various advertising methods like display advertisements, in-store banners, hiring sales representatives, packaging, corrugated display stands, etc. to persuade the customers to buy the products. 

Retailers and brands often study consumer behavior before advertising the products in the stores. Here they consider factors like brand preferences that can influence the purchasing decisions of buyers. However, with so many products and options in front of the customers, it is difficult to influence their minds. Therefore, brands use in-store factors like shelf promotions and create visuals to create brand awareness. 

There are numerous ways with which you can display your products in retail stores to increase sales, but a corrugated display stand is one of the best ways as it is practical and versatile. Let us learn about the top benefits of using a corrugated display stand.

Pocket-friendly: One of the top advantages of using the corrugated display is that they are affordable. The corrugated display stand is made up of cardboard, therefore, manufacturing it is easy and cheap. Corrugated cardboard is the cheapest as compared to all its counterparts like wood, acrylic, plastic, metal, etc.

Flexible and Mobile: You can make your corrugated display stand in any shape and size as this material is extremely flexible. All you must do is cut the material in your desired shape and size and just stick them. 

Cardboard display stands can be easily customized to meet the specifics of a brand. You can paste vinyl, flex, foam board, etc. on the cardboard to display the graphics and information that you want to convey to the customers. Besides this, you can easily move the stand to the required place as and when the need occurs. 

Takes Less Space: Corrugated display stands occupy less space as they are foldable and can be easily placed anywhere in the retail store. Moreover, when not in need they can be easily stored. Even its transportation is extremely easy as it is light in weight and convertible. 

Manufactured quickly: Unlike display stands made up of materials like plastic, wood, acrylic, etc. corrugated display stands can be manufactured easily and quickly. Corrugated Display Stand

Durable: Cardboard boxes are extremely popular when it comes to shipping products from one location to another. This material can even bear a load of heavy products thus you can be assured about its durability. You can use the display stand made up of this material for years to come as long as you ensure to keep them away from water as it will hamper its longevity and looks. 

Recyclable: Corrugated display stands are 100% recyclable in nature. Therefore, you are not harming nature or leaving any carbon footprint behind. Materials like acrylic, plastic, etc. can create solid waste but it is not the case with corrugated display panels. 

Organization: As you can customize the display stand based on your needs and requirements, you can add or remove shelves based on the dimension of the product. Therefore, it becomes easier to organize the products on the display in a better way. It can be one of the reasons that can draw the attention of the customers.Corrugated Display Stand

Safer Than Many Other Materials: The edges of the display stands are made up of steel, plastic, acrylic, wood, etc. can hurt the customers. Whereas the corrugated display stands have a soft touch thus making them more convenient and safer as compared to other materials. 

The Bottom Line:

Corrugated display stands can help you grow your sales exponentially, all you have to do is keep your display stand informative and attractive.