Problems That Ruined Your Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital Marketing Strategy | Problems That Ruined Your Digital Marketing Strategy | Most digital marketers will run into problems that threaten to derail the whole operation. We have identified those that cause poor returns from your digital marketing strategy efforts and have come up with solutions to overcome them.

But it won’t be just your business that feels the fallout; your customers and audience will also feel the effects.

Here are 5 problems that are running your digital marketing strategy.

Choosing the incorrect platform

This is the first thing you should check. Before you start anything, you need to know that you’re picking the right platform to create your websites as part of your digital marketing strategy.

You are going to be putting a lot of money into building up this website, not to mention all the time that comes with it. Once it’s up and running, you won’t be able to transfer it to another platform so getting right first time is crucial.

You’ll know if you have picked the wrong platform from the number of plugins available that are useful to your business. Unfortunately, if you plan to invest in a high number of the plugin, you probably won’t be able to use them on another platform.

There will also be problems with the time it takes for your pages to load, which if left untreated can discourage visitors from your site.

This leads to the solution.

Do your homework before jumping in. Each platform will have its own way of doing things and capabilities.


The signs can be just as obvious as choosing the incorrect platform. As you dive further into the detail, bad SEO will be harming your digital marketing strategy.

The most telling sign will be from your position in Google rankings. If you are putting a lot of effort into your SEO campaigns but still well away from the first few pages, it’s likely something isn’t quite right.

One example of this could be a poor choice in keywords. Businesses can unknowingly be ranking for a keyword that they either shouldn’t be or unaware of in general. To overcome this, use a tool like Ahrefs and check what organic keywords are ranking your business. You can then start removing these keywords from content etc and replace them with the correct keywords.

Next is the quality of content on the website. Viewers can only turn into customers if they feel they are viewing the content of value. You must also be posting great content to high-quality websites for better SEO. Cheap link generation can be tough for businesses without high cashflow but we’ll come onto solving small budget problems in a moment.

Finally, some businesses may have a few careless mistakes throughout their pages which could be turning viewers off, such as spelling and grammar mistakes or simple website design errors. Not good for your digital marketing strategy.

Solving these problems can be overcome by taking a little more care before publishing a page or piece of content. It may also be worth installing a plugin such as Yoast that informs you of any SEO problems beforehand.

Having a small budget

Many digital marketing strategies fail because they are unable to compete with established competitors that have bigger budgets and more resources. This can be one of the more frustrating problems to face but there is a way to fight back.

The first thing you can do is start competing at the local level and register your brand in the local business directory. From here, you can start promoting your business through influencers in the area.

Social media will play a large role here; if you can find people that are blogging about local events or subjects, get in contact and ask them to promote your brand. Try and develop this relationship and there will be added benefits, such as word of mouth referrals which are very powerful convincers.

Highlight your presence in the local area through Google Maps and social media. When used well, this can be a great method to increase the effectiveness of your digital marketing.

On the other hand, poor social media management can be ruining it, which leads to the next point…

Not utilising social media correctly

Content of value should be the primary focus of all social media posts. They should encourage the reader to click and read with engaging material.

However, if your social media accounts are sharing irrelevant, outdated or bad quality content, you will lose followers, which is bad for lead flow, no one will read and you’ll have to rebuild your presence from scratch.

This problem can be solved, starting by only sharing your best and most up-to-date content to generate good feedback, more shares, and higher viewership.

From here, you should look at the type of content that is proving popular with your audience and create new, similar pieces.

If you know you have older content that would work well, you must bring it up to current standards. This includes both how it looks and what it’s talking about. There may also be broken links that must be fixed before sharing (ideally, this should be done regardless if the content is being shared or not).

You may also not be posting enough. Your social media accounts should be frequently putting out content to bring in more followers and keep the existing audience satisfied. The number of posts depends on your niche but if you’re only posting once or twice a month, you’re falling short.

Not using data

The final problem that is ruining your marketing strategy is caused from not analysing data correctly. If you want your website to be a success, you must be making data-driven decisions.

You cannot do this though without collecting and using data. It’s vital that you know how your customers behave so to collect information about their habits and trends.

The term that is widely used in this field is analytics. Invest in an analytics program and learn how to use the data to make better business decisions. If you haven’t got the budget, Google Analytics is free to use and sign up.

There are plenty of other tools that will help you better understand your customers’ behavior. Do some research and find ones that will be applicable to you. Again, if you are on a budget, look for free trials or discount codes before purchasing or entering a subscription


These were 5 of the main problems marketers face that may ruin an entire marketing campaign considering your digital marketing strategy.

The earlier you can identify these problems, the quicker and easier they can be to solve.


Tom Buckland is the Founder of an organic marketing agency based in the UK. Specialising in increasing revenues on Amazon & Google, he’s the #1 ranked Amazon marketing consultant & the owner of KeyworX.