Programs and Applications To Secure Your Business

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Image Credit : | Programs and Applications To Secure Your Business | When you have a business housed in a brick and mortar building, you would ascertain that its location is in a safe and secure neighborhood. Similarly, if your business has an internet presence with web visibility, you would also want to safeguard your business domain and website from intrusion by internet criminals. Here are a few ways to secure your online business.


A firewall is like a secure border around the premise that you want to protect and as a business owner, you have control over the source of incoming traffic and their content. You may want to monitor outgoing traffic from your employees and prevent access to unauthorized websites. If you have an internal Web server that is accessible only to company employees, you may want to configure your firewall to prevent external access.

There are so many types of malicious attacks going on in the cyberworld that could cripple the normal functioning of a business. These attacks may come in the form of emails, software downloads, and phishing attacks. The newer next generation firewalls come with security protection against viruses, worms, Trojan horses, spyware, adware, ransomware, scareware, and other potential threats.

Another important use of the firewall is reporting on employee activity, misuse of company network resources, identifying external break-in attempts and monitoring overall firewall performance. Where safety and security is a major concern, the firewall is a necessity for any business.

Virtual Private Network

The internet is a public network where anybody can access any website unrestricted. Corporations may restrict access to their corporate web data through secure channels called tunneling. Any device on the internet may gain access to these tunnels via a secure virtual private network or VPN. Data transmitted across a VPN are usually encrypted and users must authenticate themselves before gaining access.

VPN allows corporate employees to work remotely in a secure fashion while having access to confidential company information. An organization with remote locations can use a VPN to enable branch offices to connect with each other. VPN functionality may also be integrated as a feature of firewalls.

Malware Protection

Specialized security software offers detection, quarantine and removal of computer threats mentioned above caused by malware. Short for malicious software, malware causes damage to any computing device or network. Malware may also be deployed for spying and stealing personal identifying information such as passwords and credit card details without the user’s knowledge.

Spyware is a type of program known for monitoring a user’s web activity, displaying unsolicited advertisements, and sending confidential information to external destinations via cookies installed on one’s computer. It has become necessary for household and business users to be vigilant about protecting their computers from software intrusions. Downloadable documents, software, and email content need to be routinely checked against these menaces. Your business may benefit from a regular subscription to dependable and trusted commercial software focusing on security.

Backup Mechanism

Data is the next most important commodity in business besides revenue. An organization must invest in a mechanism to routinely back up the data on all their computer servers and be able to restore them when necessary. A business may want to utilize fault-tolerant computing servers as well as cloud backup services.

Another solution may involve using online corporate management accounts such as Google or Zoho which provide a suite of tools to make collaborative work easier among employees ensuring all work is backed up on the cloud. From emails to web conferencing, these providers offer affordable pricing plans for small businesses to corporate giants.

Having an online business widens customer reach but at the same time exposes a company to all kinds of unwanted dangers. Some of the biggest threats to a business include having their sensitive client information stolen by hackers or their web servers being out of commission for a prolonged period. Therefore having a security infrastructure in place is a necessity in today’s competitive world.