How To Properly Move Your Offices To A New Location

Move Your Offices To A New Location - World Executive Digest | Moving is pretty much an arduous endeavor for everyone, even if it is “just” a family changing homes in the same town or city. Now, if we are discussing relocating your business offices, things become even more complicated. 

For starters, just take into consideration the fact that your business is quite probably going to have to take some downtime. During this period, you are bound to lose some revenue in various ways. Next to that, you might lose customers/clients as well as employees because of moving to a location that no longer suits either of those groups. There is also going to be a lot of hassle regarding your existing marketing campaigns, website and social media channels, and the like. Rebranding might even be a necessity in some cases.

In order to do the whole relocation process properly, you can hire a relocation service in Adelaide. In this article, we are going to discuss a number of steps that you should consider taking, as well as some tips that will certainly help things be somewhat easier.

Determine why you are moving and plan accordingly

The first essential step for every relocation process is determining why exactly you need to do it. Maybe the owner of your current office spaces has different ideas for it and you don’t really have a choice. 

Or, maybe you are doing this out of your own free will, for reasons that will benefit your company. For example, you could be relocating because you need more space due to the fact that your team has grown significantly or your business operations have expanded so much that the current space is no longer enough for them. It could also be the case that the new location provides much more lucrative options in terms of marketing and sales. 

Whatever the reason, it is important to be fully aware of the situation, so that you can have a proper perspective of things. This will enable you to plan everything accordingly.

Move Your Offices To A New Location photo 1Set up a budget

You cannot dive head-first into the whole process. You have to properly prepare, and one of the most important things is setting up a relocation budget. It is important to do your best to estimate what your expenses are going to be. This incorporates the costs of moving, packing, cleaning, and the equipment that is necessary for getting it all done as best and quick as possible. 

We have already mentioned that you are probably going to suffer from some downtime. Try to ascertain how much this is going to cost you. Finally, keep in mind that the number that you come up with is quite probably going to end up being higher due to various unexpected expenses, so leave a bit more money on the side just in case.

Make sure that everyone who should know is informed

When you truly decide that you are going to move, it is crucial that you inform anyone who is involved with your company in any way that matters. Your staff members need to be informed well on time so that they can make plans and prepare. If you are moving to somewhere further away, this is going to be a big change for them, so you need to give them time. By doing so, and by taking some time to talk to them about it and maybe even give them a hand, you’ll show them how much you value them. This may persuade some of them to stay with you because they trust you.

When it comes to your customer/client base, it is equally important to let them know all there is about what is going on. If your business is primarily focused on online sales, not much is going to change, but in every other situation, customers/clients are going to want to know about where they can find you in the future and how they will be able to contact you. Keep in mind that many might decide to look for another business that is physically closer to them. If you keep everyone informed and promise rewards to those who stay loyal to you, you’ll keep a lot more of them around.

Of course, you need to think about changing your physical address wherever it is necessary, updating your phone number, and all the other pertinent information. 

Move Your Offices To A New Location photo 2Pack your things and rid your old office space of clutter

When relocating your business, you should think about both the space that you are moving to and the one that you are leaving behind. Packing all of your furniture, equipment, and other items, scheduling the trucks for your move, and making sure that all of your things are secured the best way possible so that they reach the new location in one piece is only half of the job. 

It is very important that you leave your old office space just like you have found it. Since it is most probably going to be used by someone else, you want it to be clean and clear for them to move in, whenever that happens. Consider the fact that you most probably will not be taking everything along with you. This is why you need to determine what you are going to do with the stuff that remains. Some of it is going to be thrown away, but you can also decide to donate to a charity organization. Furthermore, it would be wise to find quality skip bins for hire for all the cumbersome items, so that they can be taken out easily. You can find a local recycling center to get rid of them properly as well. 

Schedule your move for the weekend

In case you are not relocating to a place somewhere across the globe, you may want to schedule to move for the weekend, if possible. Even if the move takes a bit longer, try and fit these two days in. This can make certain things a lot simpler. 

As we have previously discussed, it is quite probable that your business will have to go through some downtime and lose revenue in the process. This is why making use of the weekend when your company might not usually be working is a smart idea. You might even want to spend a little extra to do as much as you can during this period. While this means spending more money, it can pay off in the long run because of a decreased loss in revenue.

In summation

So, as you can see, moving your offices to a new location certainly isn’t an easy thing to do. You have to account for quite a lot of things, including the fact that it is going to be a strenuous and stressful period for everyone involved. 

You will also probably have to deal with the fact that you won’t be working during that time, which means losing money and sitting around biting your nails knowing that this is happening and you can do little to nothing about it. 

Still, as we have ascertained, there are certain things that you can do in order to make the whole process somewhat easier. You need to be smart so that you minimize your financial loses and make everything work out smoothly and as fast as possible. 

We cannot underline how important it is to not forget about all the people involved. Even though many companies take care of their client/customer base first, it is equally important to think about your employees. Retaining as many as you can from both of these groups is one of your top priorities. 

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