Properties Webinar on January 18, 2021 by A Better Real Estate Philippines Movement

Properties Webinar

World Executives Digest | Properties Webinar on January 18, 2021 by A Better Real Estate Philippines Movement | The country’s largest land organizations like CREBA, NREA, REBAP, the OSHDP, and the SHDA, have made known their specific positions on proposed amendments to the important RESA of 2009, and have joined within the movement’s push for legislative change. ABREP headed by Boss Anthony Orais Leuterio with its almost 76,000 members on Facebook, helps land practitioners and professionals reach their full potential thru insightful and helpful webinars.

There were 2 webinars on December 2020 (14th and 28th) attended by land practitioners and professionals, brokers and developers.

ABREP’s 1st Sales Webinar for 2021 is with Coach Jonathan Petalver who is that the Founder and President of the Petalver Management Consultancy Services with over 20 years of experience as a strategic sales professional, entrepreneurial leader and strategic management learning provider. He designs and conducts strategic learning programs, creative entrepreneurship and Executive Masterclasses programs to Top 1000 Philippine Companies. He is the previous Program Director of Transformational Sales Leadership Programs of the Ateneo graduate school of Business – Continuing Center for Education (AGSB – CCE). he’s the author of the primary Online Masterclass in Creative Entrepreneurship.

He founded The Sales Champ Academy, The Sales Champ Club, and thus the (Training Hub for Entrepreneuship) ACADEMY. he’s the author of the Transformational Sales Leadership book See Saw Sell: Killer-Instinct Mindset to Sell More and Win More, and MBA for M.E.: Practical tools for your Entrepreneurial success. He earned his Bachelor’s degree in Marketing Management from Centro Escolar University, and has attended the Masters degree in Business Administration – Regis Program from the Ateneo graduate school of Business. He has an Executive MBA for Entrepreneurial Management and pursuing his Executive Doctorate in Business Leadership.

This webinar produced by a much better land Philippines with almost 76,000 members & followers which may help the attendees develop and convert prospects to SALES for free of charge. Yes for FREE!!!

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