7 Questions Every Parent Has About Invisalign for Teens

Teens Inivisalign
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www.www.worldexecutivesdigest.com | The use of braces has been the ideal choice of every parent for their teen children. In previous times, almost every teenager had braces, only because they were the only way of aligning teeth to perfection.

However, braces might not be the choice of everyone today. Teens also got targeted for wearing braces and even made fun of. This is the main reason why braces are now the second choice of everyone.

On the other hand, are you aware that with Invisalign you can align your teeth with no distractions, teasing, and discomforts? The main reason why Invisalign is preferred is that it is much more comfortable and easy to wear than metal braces. An Invisalign helps not just to align your teeth but also allows you to smile properly. However, a great deal of the process depends on the dentist’s procedures. The best is to look for a specialized professional that can make the process easier for the patient. For instance, if you look for a North Vancouver orthodontist, you can find great options to help you get a healthier and prettier smile.

This is why; you should not let braces get you down. The Invisalign available for teenagers is particularly made to fit the mouth, be removed easily, transparent, and comfortable and promises to straighten your teeth. But, the question still stands; is Invisalign reliable for your teen?

There are lots of parents who are concerned about their teen’s oral health, and the following are some of the major 7 questions every parent asks about Invisalign for teenagers:

  1. Is it Expensive to Get Invisalign for your teens?

The very, reason why parents mistakenly choose braces over Invisalign is that they assume that Invisalign is an expensive treatment as compared to getting braces. When Invisalign was first introduced, it was a bit expensive, but now, the cost of braces and yours is exactly the same.

There are even some insurance plans that cover up Invisalign treatments. The clear answer to this question is that you ask your orthodontist for advice and carry out the expenses of the treatment. Arrange for a consultation with the Dentist in Cajon who will be able to provide you with an overall plan for your journey towards a perfect smile.

  1. What about dietary restrictions?

Most parents ask this question about the diet restrictions with Invisalign when it comes to getting metal braces, there are so many diet restrictions, and it is never easy to make sure whether your teen is following the diet restrictions or not.

Some teenagers do not always follow the rules, but eating the wrong kind of foods can damage the braces and stop the healing treatment of the teeth. On the other hand, with Invisalign, there are little to none diet restrictions. In fact, your teens can even take the aligners out for special occasions as well. With Invisalign, the teens can eat whatever they like.

  1. How does Invisalign treatment work?

The Invisalign system is specially designed for teenagers who feel uncomfortable wearing braces. It is a very invisible way of aligning the teeth. Parents can also have custom-made aligners for their teenagers.

Traditional braces involve brackets, bands, and wires while Invisalign only involves transparent aligners. Invisalign are often similar to plastic retainers, which are usually worn after the braces treatment is over.

The aligners pull your teeth back into a straight position, and the aligners are meant to be replaced every two weeks.

  1. What happens if the teen loses the aligner?

Your teen might lose his/her aligners when taking them off for eating lunch. They might also be forgotten somewhere and disappeared, what will you do in these cases?

There is no need to get panic, if you teen lose his/her aligners, you can simply ask your orthodontist to make a replacement of it. It is always better to make more than just one custom-made aligner for your teens, in case if he/she loses them.

  1. How many hours are aligners worn?

If you want the treatment to be as effective as it can be, your teen needs to wear the aligners for at least twenty-hours a day.

In between these hours, there is plenty of time left for your teen to eat and clean. Your teen can be involved in extra activities that involve no aligners; they can be taken off anytime you want.

  1. How to make sure that my teen is constantly wearing aligners?

Your orthodontist will be able to judge that, whenever you take your teen in for a checkup. If your teen is following the orders and wears the aligners as prescribed, the orthodontist will tell you.

However, if your teen has been a bit behind, the dental professional will be able to tell you that as well. Not wearing the aligners can also lead to slow results.

  1. What are the common problems with Invisalign?

The very common and unhealthy problem noticed by teens is that they don’t wear their aligners for a long time.

In the beginning, the teen might face lisping or saliva production in the mouth which discourages the teen from not wearing the aligners. If the teens continue to wear the aligners, the issues can be overcome easily.