Racing Games on Android that should not be missed

Racing Games on Android

WorldExecutivesDigest.comGaming is a flavour that can bring life in your routine. This is an activity that can make you feel good, happy and entertained. The experience that you get through gaming is always phenomenal and amazing. Gaming would never make you feel bored and lonely.

Here is the thing, if you feel that you don’t have a budget to go to gaming parlours every day then shun the idea. You can have fantastic games in your device and these games would give you a spectacular and fun filled experience. You should check out the 9apps games collection. This third party play store would hand you the games that are going to be heart winning and bring a twinkle in your eye. Go on reading about the apps below and don’t forget to try them out for your gaming thrill.

Horizon Chase  

In case you are fed up with racing games paying more concentration to whether the asphalt looks photorealistic rather than that of how much fun it must be to zoom along at madly speed, you need to check out Horizon Chase. This tribute to ancient-school arcade titles is all about the absolute joy of racing, rather than that of dull realism.

The visuals of this game are absolutely vibrant, the soundtrack that is played in the background is jolly and absolutely cheesy, and the racing envelops you constantly battling your way to the front of an amazingly aggressive pack. The tracks you would encounter in this racing game would be enjoyable and really tricky. You are going to have a three sixty five degree experience in this game.

Rush Rally 3  

This gaming application brings console-style rally racing to the platform of Android. For swift blasts, you can easily delve into single rally mode, with a co-driver shouting in your ear.  There can also be grinding metal of rally cross, pitting you against the powerful computer cars apparently and these cars are fuelled with aggression. You would definitely have a thrilling time playing this game. 

Moreover, not just the racing part but also the virtual effects are absolutely amazing and fun filled.  The creativity and the features of this game make it a fun filled experience for anyone. Moreover, you feel as if you are racing in the real life. Go for this and try out the thrill yourself for once. You know the controls work perfect, too, catering a number of setups to house a range of preferences such as virtual buttons, tilts and so on. All in all, the game promises what you expect from it.

Need for Speed: An amazing game for everyone

The game has been in the world of gaming for decades. Certainly the game is going from strength to strength. You can find undulating tracks, tricky features and absolutely stunning cars to race. The tracks do give you the flavour of real life roads and the sceneries make your experience even more stunningly elegant and powerful. You belt along the streets of city of a drab, gray city, trying to win the areas that will enhance your ego and reputation alike. You get to win points and that get you new cars to use for your race.


Thus, take your pleasures and leisure to next level with these three gaming applications.