Railroad Lawyers – Know the Reasons for Train Accidents

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Train accidents are not as common as collision due to other vehicles. This is possibly the reason why train collisions are not seen as a key threat. Today, the usage of railroads is less than it was several decades ago but is still active. Unfortunately, train accident occurrence results in fatalities and serious injuries. 

In such happenings, it is challenging to get compensation from people or company, who are responsible. No one desires to take responsibility for a tragic accident. Insurers give a strong fight to reduce or deny compensation. In comparison to other transportation accident lawsuits, the train disaster litigations are subject to different laws, standards and limitation statutes. It is wise to approach an experienced train accident lawyer.

Railroad lawyers have the experience, skill, and training to give a fierce legal representation. Pottroff & Karlin law firm offers a free case evaluation to the victims of train accidents around Manhattan. Moreover, no attorney fees are charged until a settlement or verdict has reached. 

Reasons train accidents occur


Negligence can include many individuals like the –

  1. Railway company
  2. Railroad employee
  3. Conductor
  4. Equipment manufacturer
  5. Government agency
  6. Incorrect operation of crossing arm
  7. Operator forgot to turn the signal line on
  8. Outdated technology.

Human error

An inexperienced conductor can be responsible for the train crash, but even a seasoned employee can make an error that harms the passengers. The other issue with new and experienced conductors is lethargy and fatigue. 

Due to pressure from the company and supervisors, the operators cannot get sufficient rest. Therefore, they feel exhausted and, in this condition, operating a train is similar to DUI driving. From vision issues to poor judgment to impaired reactions are all the factors that contribute towards a train crash.

Mechanical failure

Even if the railway employee, company, and operator capably adhere to the necessary safety procedures there is a possibility of train accidents. Defective parts and mechanical failure are rare but unfortunately happen. 

A train is a huge machine with multiple moving parts and complex systems. Every system has to synch together to make the train operate smoothly. If a single piece like a rail signal or rail switch fails, there can be an accident.


When trains run off the rail due to the conductor’s error, broken rails, mechanical track failure, collision with another object, or defective wheels, then this condition is termed as a derailment. A serious derailment happens, when the train moves speedily. 

Reckless drivers and pedestrians

The distracted pedestrian causes a collision while crossing or standing on the tracks, at the wrong moment. Even truck, car or motorbike drivers can be responsible for a train crash. Reckless people try to go across the track in speed. It is done to beat the train coming at the crossing. Some even leave their cars parked on the track. 

Unprotected railroad crossings

Many crossings lack sufficient warning devices like gates and lights, which are responsible for train accidents. Unprotected railroad crossing accidents are due to the conductor not switching on the alarm before reaching the crossing. The vehicle driver is distracted or has some obstacle that blocks his/her view or is driving recklessly or under influence.

The train accident details need to get thoroughly analyzed, to determine the faulty group and proper compensation to the injured passengers or victims.