Reasons Why You Should Invest in A Creativity Conducive Office Environment

| Whether you are welcoming staff or visitors to your business premises, you will want to office design

You don’t need to be a billion dollar company to have a creativity conducive office environment. You could using the resources that you have.

To most people, acquiring an office space is simply getting a place to get things done for your company. If you are an office manager or a businessman, you will most likely find a lot of ways to increase creativity or for that matter, workplace productivity.

The objective nowadays of highly effective office managers is to inspire and engage their employees to do more, and out-perform themselves, which in time can be translated to more customers and more revenues for the company.

How do you do that?

Here are FIVE reasons why you should invest in a creativity conducive office environment

More productivity and less stress

Employees need personal breathing space and not feel like their boss is breathing down their necks most of the time. Who doesn’t like cramped cubicles? Cramped conference rooms and office cubicles don’t offer privacy. Putting people in cubicles is a clear signal that there is office hierarchy. Office workers would prefer hierarchy in an organizational chart rather than in a physical work space assignment. They tend to be more productive and less stressed with this setup.

More focus and compelled to deliver

Employees become more focused and compelled to deliver with technology. Companies that have remote workers felt the need to keep their remote employees closer to them by subsidizing their home office environment. With technology, you could keep them informed and updated with the results of their efforts, and can keep their eyes firmly on their targets.

Employee’s also suffer from sitting fatigue, and that is the reason why they should be constantly reminded to exert physical activity to maintain a healthy state. Back issues are a menace to office productivity.

You may try installing monitors across the office that play presentation slides showing sales / revenue targets and announcements, to constantly remind them of where the company is and where it is heading.

More fun means more collaboration

Companies now invest in fun rooms as part of the creatively conducive office environment design. A room like this is where employees can spend their 15 to 1 hour breaks enjoying the company of one another. You could install a dart area, a billiard / table tennis table or perhaps a wide screen television for entertainment. They need to take their minds of from the work related stress, and have their minds refreshed, for later challenges.

Movie or concert tickets, or company sponsored game nights are some of the things that you could consider giving out to your employees to increase bonding time which can later translate to more collaborative efforts.

More art means more inspiration

Try having an office mural. When tenured employees see themselves in office art, they feel rewarded and appreciated. You can start with how the brand evolved, until such time that you include caricatures of your best performing employees on the wall.

Modern offices creates better customer impressions

First impressions last. How would the customer feel if your business is about new technologies and yet your office looks very old?

Did you get my point?

By Rod Gabriel

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